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Fitnessworx Kids Sports & Fitness Classes teach Physical Literacy through unique programs based on sport research, coaching best practices, and scientific principles from around the world. We make Kids Fitness Classes FUN!

Up until 8/9 years of age it’s integral that kids learn ALL fundamental movement skills before sport specific skills are introduced, and include the ABCs of athleticism – Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed. At this stage it’s essential they develop multiple skill sets, and we do this in a fun and challenging, well structured environment.

From 9-15 years of age motor coordination is important. Children need to refine their fundamental movement skills and general sports skills should be learned too. It is also important to develop Strength, Endurance and Flexibility at this age. It should still be more about practicing skills (in a fun way of course!) at this age than competing.

REMEMBER – an early active start enhances the development of brain function, coordination, social skills, gross motor skills, emotions, and imagination. It also helps children build confidence, develop posture and balance, build strong bones and muscles, achieve a healthy weight, reduce stress, sleep well, move skilfully, and enjoy being active.  Early specialisation in sport has also recently been linked to reduced involvement in teen years – with those that specialised to a specific sport later in their development usually going on to have a lifelong involvement in either their chosen sport or physical activity of some description.

Circus mini tramp dismount during our Kids Fitness Classes

School-age Class Descriptions...


School-age Class Timetable…

4.00pmClass A: Ninja Warrior /Fitness /Parkour
(suggested age: Prep - Year 2)
Coach: Aaron
Class A: Ninja Warrior /Fitness /Parkour
(suggested age: Prep - Year 2)
Coach: Aaron
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4.30pm- 6.30pm
Fitnessworx Parties
5.00pmClass B: Ninja Warrior /Fitness /Parkour
(suggested age: Year 3 - Year 5)
Coach: Aaron
Class B: Ninja Warrior /Fitness /Parkour
(suggested age: Year 3 - Year 5)
Coach: Aaron
6.00pmClass C: Ninja Warrior /Fitness /Parkour
(suggested age: Year 6 - Year 8)
Coach: Aaron
Class C: Ninja Warrior /Fitness /Parkour
(suggested age: Year 6 - Year 8)
Coach: Aaron


Fitnessworx: smart active kids is at:   1 Monomeeth Drive, Mitcham. (Parents – we do coffee!)

Term Dates

Term 1: Mon 05 Feb – Thurs 28 Mar

Term 1: 8 week term

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Term Costs

Term 1: 7/8 wks $140/$160

A sibling discount also applies.

Late enrolments prorated.

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“My kid was in parkour program in Term 1. He had a great time and was very excited every Thursday to go!

Andrew, the coach, is great and always has great ideas to entretain and keep them focused.

We are definetively comming back for the next program”.  – Cristina

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