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All Fitnessworx kinder sport classes are highly unique, physical activity programs designed to teach new fundamental motor skills, test limits, refine sporting skills, build strength and most importantly…tire them out!  Using “themes” to teach these physical competencies promotes excellent engagement and continued opportunities for success – keeping kids eager to add to their rapidly expanding repertoire of skills. Research is continuing to confirm that specialisation in a specific sport at an early age is not necessary for future success and can actually be highly negative, with large rates of participation drop off when kids enter their high school years.

At Fitnessworx, we teach a broad range of functional and fundamental skills during our kinder sport classes, from running (yep, running is learned, not innate!) and quadrupedal movement, hand eye tracking, object manipulation (throwing, catching, kicking) all the way through to strength.  We love to see kids grow in confidence as they try new things and explore their personal limits.  Their readiness to begin school is off the charts and we’ve had many parents comment to us that teachers often ask them – ‘What did you have your child doing prior to starting school?’

crawling through tunnel in our kinder sport classes

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10.00amFitnessworx Mix: Superhero Training, Balls and Circus
Coach: Aleisha
Available for School or Party Bookings

Call: 1300 668 338
Fitnessworx Superhero Training
Coach: Aleisha
Available for School or Party Bookings

Call: 1300 668 338
Available for School or Party Bookings

Call: 1300 668 338
Fitnessworx Parties
11.00amFitnessworx Mix: Superhero Training, Balls and Circus
Coach: Aleisha
Fitnessworx Dance & Circus
Coach: Aleisha
2.00pm*NEW* Fitnessworx Kinder Ninja!
Coach: Aleisha


Fitnessworx: smart active kids is at:   1 Monomeeth Drive, Mitcham. (Parents – we do coffee!)

Term Dates

Term 1: Mon 05 Feb – Thurs 28 Mar

Term 1: 8 week term

Places available! Book Now.

Term Costs

Term 1: 7/8 wks $140/$160

A sibling discount also applies.

Late enrolments prorated.

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SPECIAL OFFER: A limited number of Gold memberships remain. $599 for 4 terms (less than $15/class)

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“We have done lots of programs at lots of places. This is by far the best we have done.

Drew is that perfect combo of beautiful and fun with the kids and they laugh. Yet he can keep them in control and listening with wonderful supportive dialogue. No yelling!!!

Never seen someone do it so well. You guys are awesome”.  – Jessica

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