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Helping children adopt a healthy lifestyle early will have a tremendous impact on their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

Fitnessworx is all about BEING ACTIVE and HAVING FUN. Fitnessworx offer an alternative to sport-specific activity. SPORT is not for everyone – but physical activity needs to be a regular part of a child’s daily routine, to provide the foundation for a long, healthy life.

Theme-based Activity Programs

There are many paths to being active but for kids that fear the competitive nature of many team sports, the inspiration to get active is quickly overcome by the negative impact of their perceptions or fears of being involved.  Here is where Fitnessworx come to ‘save the day’.  Fitnessworx school programs are successful because they cater to children of varying levels of fitness and skill. Based on the theory of inclusive education and with a strong focus on FUN, the programs even appeal to traditionally inactive kids. The sessions are conducted in a safe and encouraging team-based environment and provide everyone with that opportunity to achieve success. Fitnessworx staff understand that for a child to be active, first they must be engaged, and to this end, approach every session with the attitude that it will be the ‘best one they have ever run’.

Fitnessworx activities develop transferable fundamental motor skills. Activities can be easily integrated into your existing program and can be tailored to meet the desired outcomes of your centre. Fitnessworx programs also meet the legal and safety requirements as set out in external provider checklists. Details of insurance can be provided in a certificate of currency.

Many ways to use Fitnessworx…

Whilst the Health and Physical Education syllabus seems an obvious starting point for the inclusion of a Fitnessworx activity – the team at Fitnessworx strongly believe that there are so many other beneficial ways of incorporating an activity program, interactive workshop or extended learning session into other core units of the curriculum. Fitnessworx will work closely with your centre in the design, development, implementation, coordination and evaluation stage of any program to ensure we deliver your desired outcomes.

A great example of this is the FITNESSWORX AMAZING MUSCLE RACE, which was designed to compliment a school’s science subject of “Muscles and The Human Body”. Teams complete tasks and challenges that have all been tailored to get them active, get them thinking and get them having so much fun they won’t even realize that they are also learning along the way.  Different challenges require different learning styles and expertise, so the ‘thinkers’ will have their moment to shine, just as the athletes within each team will have their turn.

School Programs - active outdoor excursion
School Programs - outdoor excursion - cell phone scav hunt
School Programs - Active Outdoor Vacation Care Program
School Programs - a fitness fundraiser involving the whole school
Unique and high engaging active school programs

Fitnessworx school programs are flexible and adaptable to most environments and levels of ability.  Programs like Fitnessworx Circus or Dance & Movement work well to all abilities (inc special needs) and allow for simple modifications that provide opportunities for everyone to have a go!  If you’re looking for an active incursion that will engage 100% of the kids, provide multiple opportunities for success, not have kids left out and provide useable take-aways to refer to post incursion, then you’ve come to the right place.  With a Fitnessworx active incursion you can typically expect your ‘non-sporty’ kids to not only engage in the activities, but shine.

The scope of what Fitnessworx can provide as an active incursion for your students is, as they say, only limited by your imagination.  So challenge us with your ideas and allow us to present options of how we can extend/compliment your program with an active incursion.

Incursion & Excursion Ideas for Inspiration…

Cell Phone Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for a unique excursion idea that promotes teamwork and is both physically and mentally challenging – we have the perfect school program for you!  Developed in Westerfolds Park (Templestowe, Melb) students work in small teams on challenges and tasks, using a cell phone to SMS/MMS their answers to HQ.  An amazing program that builds teamwork, resilience, cooperation and communication.

OSHC/Holiday Program Providers

With 15yrs experience writing themed programs – let Fitnessworx design your next active incursion to effortlessly tie in with your overall holiday theme.  We’ve trained Superheroes and Astronauts, been on Jungle Quests and Beach Adventures and even incorporated STEAM into an awesome Minute to Win it program.  Best of all, we can provide this service nationally.  With a reputation for always turning up and facilitators that are engaged & enthusiastic – you won’t be disappointed!

Team Building

Learning to work collaboratively is an important skill that is emphasised through many units of study.  Teaching kids the skills of communication, collaboration, negotiation and cooperation through physical activity can be a powerful teaching tool.  More importantly, allowing kids to lead their team through an activity that they are strong at builds self-belief and confidence, allowing kids to recognise their importance to the team.

Transition Days

Getting a new school year off to a good start can influence children’s attitude toward school, their confidence, and performance – both socially & academically.

Help with the transition of your new classes by reducing any possible anxiety through fun, interactive activities that will introduce them to others and have them breaking down barriers through physical challenges.

We love to tailor our unique school programs to meet the desired outcomes of your transition program. 

Choreography for Schools

Whether it is for an end of year concert, a special performance or even just as inspiration for a school disco, we can help out with the choreography, and make it a whole heap of fun at the same time!  Dance allows students to grow in confidence, teaches social skills and respect and allows a child to express their creative side!  The fulfilment & excitement of performing for the school/parents is highly empowering!  We can also do the same for Circus school programs!



There are so many ways Fitnessworx could be incorporated as part of a large, community run event. An active outlet at a school fete, a fun and active option at the end of a junior fun run or as a part of a clubs open day (or family day) – we can run sessions as a drop in and try or a structured 20-60min themed program. We’ve even set up in shopping centres and run bookable 20min fun & active programs.

Sleepovers/School Dinners

We love sharing in these very special occasions – whether it is a dinner or sleepover we can come along and run a fun-filled activity to help add to the enjoyment of the evening for the kids. And best of all, by the time we leave the kids, whilst excited, are also quite exhausted and sleep extra quietly – you’re welcome!

Fitness Fundraiser

For a fundraiser with a difference! Fitnessworx have conducted several Fitness Fun Days – where every student pays a fee to participate in 1hr of facilitated physical activity during the day (usually in the form of 3 rotations of 20min each to provide a variety of different experiences).  The day can be theme-based (we’ve recently trained super heroes) or just fun activities.  A fantastically simple fundraiser that will become a feature of your calendar year.

Visit our Venue

If you’re looking to provide your group with an excursion with a difference, then come visit our centre in Mitcham.  It’s a multi-use venue that allows us to provide experiences in all our awesome programs but gives further opportunity to explore the world of Circus, Ninja Warrior or Parkour.  Great for short visits or even full day excursions that have the students rotate through various Fitnessworx activities.

Curriculum Extension

Using physical activity to complement the syllabus and/or enhance learning across multiple disciplines also offers children a different style of learning. Use Circus to extend your Drama program; Dance/body beat with Maths; or Science with an Amazing Race themed program – there are lots of options, the only restriction will be your imagination. Let us know your idea and leave the program plan to us!

Pricing and Program Structure…


  • Structure of a Fitnessworx Program:

The structure of a program is reliant on exactly what it is you are after. Once we have established your desired outcomes – we can commence planning exactly how to achieve them.

Some sites may select only one Fitnessworx activity and focus on that for the duration of their program (whether that be a 1, 1.5 or 2 hour incursion, a full day, a term or a year).  Alternatively you may select 2 or more activities and run them on a rotational system.

  • Length of Programs:

Generally one-off incursion style programs range from 1.5-2 hours to a half or full day.

Ongoing programs, where we work with a year level or an entire school over the period of a term or a year, can be structured to fit within your relevant schedules (eg 45 mins per group/grade)

Before and/or After school programs are usually one hour in duration and run on a selected day of the week for a school term or school year.

Of course, there are no set rules to the way the programs are structured or their length – so once we have discussed your requirements we will provide options for your consideration.

  • Pricing:

Pricing will vary dependent on several factors including the duration of the program, the number of children involved, the number of deliverers required etc – so please contact us and we will happily provide program options and quotes.

Have A Question???

If you would love to get Fitnessworx involved with your school or organisation please shoot us a message! We can provide quotes and ideas, a running sheet for the day, custom programs designed to meet specific objectives and so much more!

In order to provide a quote – we will need to know how many kids we will be working with, and the desired length of your activity.

9 + 15 =

Excursions To Our Venue

Come visit us at our custom built studio in Mitcham (VIC) and explore the world of Circus, Ninja Warrior, Parkour & more. Great for a short visit or a full day program – we can tailor the experience to meet your needs!

Fitness Fundraiser

It’s time to move away from fundraising efforts that revolve around chocolates, chips and other nutritionally questionable foods – consider instead a fundraiser that’s all about Fun, Fitness and Participation. Raise money for your school whilst doing something that greatly benefits the health and well being of your broader school community!

Unique & Active Excursions!

We have a range of unique activities you won’t see anywhere else! Fantastic for team building – they challenge both the mind and the body! Our “Fitnessworx Cell Phone Scavenger Hunt” is one of our most requested excursions and once schools give it a go it often becomes a feature of their curriculum year in, year out.


"We would like to acknowledge and thank you and your staff for providing our children with a dynamic learning experience at our Southern Region e~TASC Challenge Day last week.

Your preparation and facilitation of the day enhanced the children’s current learning’s and provided them with invaluable knowledge, that will facilitate their inquiry pathways in the future.

Drew, Kirsten & Kristy should be congratulated for providing two very professional, inspiring and motivational sessions. By all accounts and evaluations, the children were totally engaged in learning and immensely enjoyed the whole day!

Thankyou once again for assisting us in catering for the needs of our gifted children".

Sherrol Gane, Adviser Gifted Education (K – 12) & Grace Romano, e~TASC Facilitator
Catholic Education Office, Southern Region


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