You won’t regret your decision to throw a Kids Superhero Party (Melbourne)! We know there are alternatives available, but we think this is the most interactive and engaging you’ll find!  Seriously!

Bring your Superheroes in waiting to Fitnessworx and leave with fully qualified Superheroes, ready to take on the bad guys!  That’s right, this highly active party is AWESOME for boys and girls and allows them to come dressed as their favourite super hero. Our fully qualified ‘super hero trainer’ will take kids through all the required steps of their training to ensure they meet the strict demands of the Fitnessworx Justice League.  Will they make it through the commando course?   And will they succeed in mastering the essential superhero art of flying?

An AMAZING party that leads to huge success with engagement and has all kids in attendance excited to begin their new career as a servant of justice…

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Boy smiling and standing on one leg dressed as a ninja turtle during super hero training party


An intro to Superhero Training, a warm-up and Superhero game.

Theme based language modified to suit the style of superhero being trained (eg - Spiderman, Batman, Ninja Turtle).


Obstacle courses using varied superhero equipment.

Martial arts style movements (without any of the fighting).


Lots of noise (yep, sorry adults, superheroes do shout a lot!)


Learning to fly on our trapeze (all superheroes have this opportunity)

A rescue mission, if time allows (it does take a long time to train superheroes properly!)

Graduation - superhero training concludes and our new batch of heroes are presented with their certificates!


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