Check out our awesome Kinder Kids Superhero Training Sports Coaching these school holidays…

This is a great program and it is HIGHLY engaging. The building blocks to coordinated movement are fundamental motor skills and the best way for kids to learn these is by having FUN!  And what’s more fun that dressing up as your favourite super hero and learning the skills required for ‘saving the world’! Breaking activities down into their basic form and then turning them into interactive, enjoyable superhero tasks will have your child engaged and challenged, all the while learning new, fun and transferrable skills.  Classes are continually modified to suit the actual ability of the group being taught ensuring content remains relevant and challenging to all mini superheroes.

Skills covered include running, jumping (and landing), throwing, catching, kicking, skipping, hopping – and more. Wait until you see how we teach them to fly!! A great program for developing and refining fundamental movement patterns, transferrable sports skills, awareness, functional strength, speed, general fitness, agility, balance and coordination.

Secure your spot in our Kinder Kids Superhero Training Sports Coaching school holiday program now.

Small boy diving through yellow hoop as if he's 'flying' during Superhero Training Sports Coaching school holiday program

Further Info…

Please ensure kids wear comfy clothes that they can move around in - socks or barefeet during the session (no shoes on the mats).

Please bring along your drink bottles!

If you are staying for 2 classes, you may bring along a small snack for between classes (please avoid common allergens i.e. nuts).

For kinder kids we recommend no more than 2x 1hr classes in a row as they are very active!

Parents are welcome to stay - we have real coffee too!

Have fun with US these holidays!

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