Looking for something a little different to the norm? Kids into Skylanders? Fitnessworx run an awesome & active Mobile Skylanders Kids Party, check it out…

​An interactive party based on the highly popular video game (and now TV Show) Skylanders. During a “Skylanders Party” your chosen location becomes “Cloudbreak Island”. The party guests become Skylanders and are tasked with the challenge of saving Cloudbreak from Kaos!  They can become any of their favourite characters, and it doesn’t matter if some of the kids aren’t familiar with the franchise, our facilitators are there to lead them through all the necessary challenges they’ll face.  

Skylanders need to train and harness their powers to conquer Kaos and return safely from Earth to Cloudbreak Island.  This party will incorporate a range of fun and active Skylanders games and challenges from the portal of power, crossing mudwater hollow, surviving a chompy pit and taking part in a game of Sting Ball. 

A highly active and imaginative party that the kids LOVE!

Contact us on 1300 668 338 to check availability for our popular Mobile Skylanders Kids Party.

Fitnessworx facilitator dressed as skylander instructing kids on participating in skylanders mobile party


A Fitnessworx facilitator to a location of your choosing (e.g. park, hall, backyard).


Equipment needed to run a highly engaging Skylanders party.


An intro to Skylanders, a warm-up and an active Skylanders game.

Obstacle course to harness their skylander powers.


Individual, group and team challenges.


Varous games/challenges themed on Skylanders (for example):


Portal of power.


Ninja Stealth Elf.


Mega Ram Spyro.


Freeze blade.


Scorps Sting Ball.


Final challenge to see if they can defeat Kaos!


Energise Your Next Party!

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