We are proud to be one of the only places to offer Kids Parkour Classes after school in Melbourne.

Thanks to countless YouTube clips, music videos, movies and even Minecraft – the art of Parkour is now quite well known.  But if you’ve not heard of it before – Parkour is said to be the art of moving from A to B in an uninterrupted forward motion. Finding the best way over, under, around and through obstacles (both man-made and natural) in the environment.

These movements may involve running, jumping, climbing, crawling, landing and rolling.  The goal is to adapt one’s movements to any given situation or environment.  A Fitnessworx parkour session will teach the essentials of Parkour, with a major focus on safety and being technically correct.

It’s a great program for improving general fitness, functional and core strength, balance, agility and coordination. Anyone is welcome from beginner to those with some experience.  Our Mitcham studio, whilst not a purpose built parkour studio, provides a great space for learning the basics safely and correctly.

Enrol today in our term based Kids Parkour Classes, Melbourne.

Two boys balancing on metal bar during kids parkour after school classes

Core Competencies

Parkour warm up and general conditioning.


Strength, speed and agility challenges.

A focus on balance as this is critical to success in parkour.


Opportunity to learn vaulting techniques.


Introduction to rolling and climbing (or hanging).


Individual, partner and group challenges.


Combined obstacle challenges.


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