Introducing our Kids Circus Classes in Melbourne – come join our circus…

A Fitnessworx Circus class is an amazing way for your child to engage in a physical activity program that is fun, challenging, and supportive.  It will have them counting down the days until the next class! 

Our Kids Circus Classes in Melbourne cover a multitude of circus elements with a major focus being functional strength. The ability for your child to be able to effectively carry their own body weight.  

Small class sizes allow for individual attention.  

These classes provide a balance between technical skill and FUN!  We regularly have kids joining us who have realised that increasing the hours they train in gymnastics is NOT what they are interested in.

Both Hand and Body manipulation is taught.  Fundamental motor skills, including hand/eye coordination and movement patterns, are central to the program. The Body manipulation component can include elements of balance, tumbling and acrobatics, trapeze/rope and bar work.  Hand manipulation may incorporate skills from juggling, hoop work, diablo, poi and, of course, the spinning plate!

Sessions are highly encouraging and provide multiple opportunities for individual success.  Translating to increased self-confidence and a willingness to further explore the amazing world of Circus.  

We think this is an amazing program for those that are looking for something different that will inspire a love of movement in your child.  

Enrol in a Kids Circus Class today!

Girl holding a pink spinning plate and watching it spin during after school circus class

Core Competencies

Warm up and general conditioning/stretching.


Developing functional strength.


Tumbling work (cartwheels, rolls and handstands).


Acrobatics (balances, partner balances, body awareness).


Hand Manipulation - juggle, poi, plates, hoops, diablo.




Pedal go.


Mini trampoline.


Trapeze and aerial rope!


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