Our kids bootcamp and fitness classes make being active a whole lot of fun.

Some kids really don’t want to be involved in team sports, so what do you do with them?  How do you ensure they are active enough?  We all know that regular physical activity is an important part of every child’s daily life.  So, to encourage participation – we make fitness fun!

The Fitness and Bootcamp classes cover a wide variety of fitness content and sports skills. In addition, classes combine a mix of fun games and challenges. Above all, classes are always delivered with support and encouragement.

Participants see a marked increase in overall fitness. Many other benefits result ranging from improved strength, speed and endurance. Results also include agility, flexibility and awareness.  Best of all, there is an obvious increase in self confidence.

Content is always changed to suit the group. Doing this guides progress and success.

An awesome program!  Enrol today in our Fitnessworx Kids Bootcamp and Fitness Classes!

Girl wearing white boxing gloves and smiling at camera during kids bootcamp fitness classes

Core Competencies

Warm up and aerobic conditioning.

"Survivor-style" challenges.

Obstacle courses.

Team building challenges.

Circuit training or exercise stations (individual and partner based).

Skill development though non-sport specific activities.

Body strength challenges.

Agility/speed training.

Flexibility and stretching.

Develop your Fitness & Skills with US!

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