“I solemnly swear I am up to no good.” This iconic line activates the Marauders Map and so it kick-starts the magic about to happen during this Harry Potter inspired Fitnessworx Kids Quidditch Party in Melbourne.

Learning to fly on your broomstick, however, can be dangerous, so before we can begin a game all quidditch hopefuls must survive the quidditch trials!  Will you be selected as part of the Gryffindor team, or will it be Slytherin? Kids begin by being introduced to the general principles of Quidditch, before getting their broom license! Then, using a series of interactive challenges, kids work individually, in small groups or, in larger teams to make their way through all required training.

When kids are ready to graduate from flying school, we begin our game of Quidditch. Yes, there are beaters, chasers, a keeper and of course, the seeker.  Watch out for the bludger, catch the quaffle and always be on the lookout for that sneaky snitch!  An awesome party for those Harry Potter fans or just someone looking for a completely different party concept!  Trust us, people will be talking about this party for weeks to come!

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Boy holding red ball under one arm and red pool noodle/broomstick in the other hand for quidditch program


An intro to Quidditch, a warm-up and an active Harry Potter game


Explanation of the rules of quidditch.


Flying lessons (don’t worry, the broomsticks are pool noodles).


Chasing the snitch!


A flying obstacle course


A game of quidditch (will you win the quidditch cup?)


Lots of fun!


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