So your child is a bit of a princess AND loves being active?  We’ve got the perfect party theme for you!  A Fitnessworx Kids Princess Party in Melbourne is seriously unique.  You won’t find any face painting, sparkly tiara’s (unless you choose to put one on your princess!) or sitting around story telling in this party!  No, a Fitnessworx Princess party requires all ‘princesses and princes in waiting’ to complete all set tasks in order to be presented at the castle ball.

There is an enchanted forest that will challenge their royal skills, throwing up all sorts of obstacles (and because it’s magical, the obstacles constantly change!).  They may encounter the winding river full of hungry crocodiles, the smelly mud pit (don’t get your ball gown dirty!), the slippery mountain, the tricksy trolls or even need to rescue a fellow royal imprisoned in the evil wizards tower (just to name a few!). 

Once through the forest though, prince and princesses will need to learn some very important dance moves prior to being presented at the Castle Ball.  And if our future royals complete all these challenges, there is still the Princess swing to be photographed on.   A great party for the younger kids.

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Small girl dressed in pink princess costume with tiara during princess program


An intro to the Princess party, a warm-up and an active princess themed game.


Obstacle course with appropriately themed language to engage.


Group or partner challenges.


Learning/creating a small dance routine.


Great music (including a few princess’ of pop!).


Swing on double trapeze!


Opportunity to come along dressed in Princess costume.


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