If your child walks around handing out Yarrr’s, constantly sticks you with his or her sword and steals all your gold then you are most likely dealing with a pirate.  The parrot on the shoulder is also a dead give-away!  Should this be the case then we have just the party for you, a Fitnessworx Kids Pirate Party in Melbourne.  That’s right landlubbers, an active party for the fans of the eye patch and fake beards!

During this party, wannabe pirates will be trained in the ancient art of the buccaneer.  Batten down the hatches and prepare to be tested because only the fittest and bravest pirates can take control of the high seas.  For the rest, it’s Davey Jones’ Locker…! Will they survive the cannonball attack, the man overboard, walking the plank, or being made to scrub the deck?   Our Fitnessworx Kids Pirate Party in Melbourne is unique, active and a lot of fun – it will leave kids dreaming of swashbuckling adventures with Captain Jack Sparrow!

Young girl dressed in black pirate costume including hat with skull and crossbones during pirate party


An intro to pirates, a warm-up and an active buccaneer game.


A test of their pirate stamina via an obstacle course.


Walking the plank!


Swashbuckling swinging across the deck.


No, there is no sword fighting (sorry, not sorry!)


Dodging of cannonballs - there will definitely be cannonballs!


Lots of Yarr’s - yep, you’ll be talking like a pirate too (it’s unavoidable!)


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