We are proud to be one of the few to offer a mobile Kids Parkour Party in Melbourne. Under, over, around and through – explore how to get from A to B…

Does your child continue to vault over the back of your beautiful leather couch no matter how many times you tell them to STOP!?  Are they constantly jumping off the table and rolling across the floor yelling ‘parkour’ (just like the guys from The Office US – if you don’t know it, search ‘The Office Parkour’ – it’s hilarious)? Do they climb every tree, wall or stair you pass? 

Then you already know which party you need to book for them!  A Fitnessworx Kids Parkour Party will allow them to jump, vault, roll and climb to their hearts content.  Our parkour facilitator will take your group through the basics of parkour, focusing on some of the essential techniques of getting from point A to point B as efficiently (and safely) as possible.

Through a series of challenges and activities, both individual and group based, kids will focus on balance, coordination, agility, speed and strength, to overcome obstacles.  A high-energy party full of activities that should tire out even the most energetic kids!  We recommend this party for ages 8 and up.

Contact us on 1300 668 338 to check availability of our mobile Kids Parkour Party.

Two boys balancing on metal bar during parkour mobile party


A Fitnessworx facilitator to a location of your choosing (NOTE - location needs to provide some existing obstacles that our facilitator can use - i.e. playground).


Please also NOTE - this party teaches parkour basics only, due to the specialized nature of this program the safety of participants is maintained as the highest priority.


Parkour is less equipment based, and more about the challenges within the environment- using playground equipment, small fences and benches to learn the basics of movement. Our staff will bring along basic equipment to be utilized, but the most successful Parkour parties are set up in a challenging environment (provide by you!), so please remember this when choosing a location for your Parkour Mobile Party.


An intro to Parkour, a warm-up and an active parkour game.


Strength, speed and agility challenges.

A focus on balance as this is critical to success in parkour.


Opportunity to learn simple vaulting techniques.


Introduction to rolling and climbing (or hanging).


Individual, partner and group challenges.


Final challenge/test.


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