“Ninja Warrior”

Do you have what it takes to become a Fitnessworx Ninja Warrior Champion?!  A Fitnessworx Ninja Warrior loves to work hard, to be pushed to their limits and demonstrate, under the pressure of the clock, their physical prowess!

A Fitnessworx Ninja Warrior workshop is exactly as it sounds – a highly active and challenging session that will test the physical capabilities of the group.  Having said that, it doesn’t matter what physical/technical level the kids are at, our hard core Ninja Warrior Facilitators will always adjust activities to provide opportunities for success – the kids just have to love being challenged and pushed!

Whilst the course doesn’t have the water to fall into, potential warriors will still face challenges at every turn.  Their strength, coordination, agility, speed and balance will be seriously tested in this fast-paced, high energy workshop.  And, of course, it all ends with an attempt at the ‘record’ for the Ninja Warrior course that may include (our version of) the quintuple steps, wall climb, rope swing, balance beam, battle rope – and a myriad of other challenges we dream up!

A great workshop to provide some peace and quite after collecting them (they’re too tired to talk!).

Boy with black stripes on his cheeks about to dive through a hoop during ninja warrior school holiday programs

Further Info…

Please ensure kids wear comfy clothes that they can move around in - socks or barefeet during the session (no shoes on the mats).


Please bring along your drink bottles!


If you are staying for 2 classes, you may bring along a small snack for between classes (please avoid common allergens i.e. nuts).


For kinder kids we recommend no more than 2x 1hr classes in a row as they are very active!


Parents are welcome to stay - we have real coffee too!


Have fun with US these holidays!

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