You have to ask yourself – why wouldn’t I book a Kids Nerf Gun Party?!  Especially when you know we’ll look the other way whilst you empty a round or two at your child/children! 

At a Fitnessworx Kids Nerf Gun Party, kids will use their ‘equipment’ for a variety of challenges, including zombie apocalypse, crack shot, shoot from the hip and commando trials.  Sharp shooters will win their teams all important flags to be used in the final capture the flag challenge, the more flags you have, the better your odds of surviving the carnage and winning overall.  Are you a Cool Hand Luke or a Shoot Now and Ask Questions Later sort of person?  This party will definitely discover which category you fall in to.

All participants are provided safety glasses, nerf guns (various models) and plenty of spare bullets.  Participants must, however, bring along their own bravery, willingness to have heaps of fun and a great level of sportspersonship – you will definitely be hit by a nerf bullet at some point, so be prepared!  Oh, and we definitely think you’ll be yelling ‘Hasta la Vista, Baby’ at the end of it all!

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Boy and girl wearing sunglasses and pointing nerf guns at camera during nerf gun bootcamp program


An intro to Nerf Gun party, a safety briefing, a warm-up and an active game.


Provision of safety glasses (this will definitely occur at every party!)


Lessons on use of the various Nerf Guns.


Accuracy challenges.


Active and theme based challenges.


Final ‘capture the flag’ red v blue challenge!


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