Looking for a Unique Kids Party Idea? We have it!!! How about a mobile Minute2Win It Kids Party? It’s high energy, filled with fun & laughs, check it out…

This is another party based on a highly successful TV franchise – A Minute to Win It.  

In a Fitnessworx Minute to Win It party, kids will work in pairs or small groups to complete random and slightly crazy challenges and, of course, they only have 1 minute to complete as many as possible (or do they…)!  Using a net to throw a beanbag sounds easy, but it’s more challenging than it looks – ok it looks challenging too!  Build the tallest tower (that must remain standing…), control the marble madness, survive the over/under and more!

We think this party is SOOOOO much fun, and a great opportunity for the parents to have a good laugh at the kids whilst they perform some frustrating, ridiculous and exciting challenges.  I mean, wait until you see what they need to do for Temper Tantrum! It’s fast, it’s active, it takes skills and concentration, and it’s most definitely fun!  And of course the loose competitive element makes this a highly engaging and very Unique Kids Party Idea.

Contact us on 1300 668 338 to check availability for our Minute2Win It kids mobile party.

Boy lying on stomach on small floor trolley as part of Minute 2 Win it mobile party


A Fitnessworx facilitator to a location of your choosing (e.g. park, hall, backyard).


Equipment needed to run a highly engaging Minute to Win It party.


An intro to the Minute To Win It Challenge, and a warm-up.


Gross and fine motor skill challenges.


Thinking and physical challenges.


Highly energetic party!


Lots of opportunities to laugh and take photos of kids looking ridiculous!


Heaps of fun and giggles!


Energise Your Next Party!

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