The Fitnessworx Kinder Superhero Sports Class is HIGHLY engaging!

The building blocks to coordinated movement are fundamental motor skills.  So the best way for kids to learn these is by having FUN!  And what’s more fun than dressing up as your favourite super hero and learning the skills required for ‘saving the world’? Nothing!

In our Kinder Superhero Sports Class we break activities down into their basic form.  From here we turn them into interactive superhero tasks that will have your child engaged and challenged.  As a result, your child will be learning new, fun and transferrable skills.  Classes are continually adapted to suit the actual ability of the group being taught.  Because of this, content remains relevant and challenging to all mini superheroes.

Skills covered include running, jumping (and landing).  In addition we teach throwing, catching, kicking, skipping, hopping – and more. We even teach them to fly! The Kinder Superhero Sports Class is great for developing fundamental movement patterns, transferrable sports skills, awareness, functional strength, speed, general fitness, agility, balance and coordination.

Why not book your budding “superhero in training” into a Fitnessworx Kinder Superhero Sports Class now!

Small boy diving through yellow hoop, as if he's 'flying' during Super Hero Training kinder program

Core Competencies

Developing functional strength.


Explore fundamental motor skills: 1) teach missing skills 2) reinforce and refine skills already present


Transferrable sports skills (throw, catch, kick, hit, bounce etc).


Jumping, and more importantly…landing!


Forward/Back rolls.


Spatial awareness.


School-readiness skills like listening, taking turns and following instructions..


Learn fundamental sport skills with us!

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