The Fitnessworx Kinder Sports Skills Class is a great one to introduce your child to the world of sport.

Classes focus on fundamental movement skills and use various sports to teach them.   Popular sports like AFL, Soccer, Basketball, Cricket and Tennis are used to engage your child.  As such, they also develop a basic understanding of skills required within each sport.

The core aim of our Kinder Sports Skills Classes is to improve fundamental motor skills.  Skills include throwing, catching, kicking and striking.  Other important skills taught are running, jumping, landing and rolling.

Kids build confidence to explore their capability when they experience success, so this program is tailored around the individual capabilities of each participant.  Activities are constantly modified to increase or decrease the difficulty of a challenge to provide these opportunities for success.

Involvement in Fitnessworx Kinder Sports Skills Classes will provide your child with a broad platform of fundamental skills and functional strength.  Not only that, they will have a large repertoire of transferrable sports skills.

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Boy with red hair in orange top crawling out of a plastic tunnel during a multi-sport skills program

Core Competencies

Essential ball handling skills: throw, catch, kick, bounce, strike.


Explore fundamental movement and motor skills.


Eye Tracking.


Hand eye coordination.


Transferrable sports skills.


Spatial awareness.


Beginner techniques.


Developing functional strength.


School-readiness skills like listening, taking turns and following instructions..


Learn fundamental sport skills with us!

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