Embark on a world of fun and discovery with Fitnessworx’ Kinder Ninja program, a specially crafted sports class for our youngest warriors aged 3 to 4 in Melbourne’s east!

Are you ready to introduce your little one to the wonders of being a Ninja warrior? Our program is a delightful journey designed to nurture not just physical skills but also the joy of movement, creativity, and teamwork.

In our Kinder Ninja sports class, children will develop fundamental motor skills, balance, coordination, and confidence in a playful and encouraging environment. Our imaginative sessions incorporate activities that inspire little ones to climb, jump, crawl, and explore their own Ninja path.

Each class is thoughtfully crafted to cater to the unique interests and energy levels of our Kinder Ninjas. With a focus on fostering a love for movement and cooperation, our program ensures that every child feels a sense of accomplishment and belonging.

Fitnessworx Kinder Ninja sports class is the perfect choice for parents seeking a program that not only promotes physical development but also sparks creativity and social interaction in their young ones. Join us as we embark on a magical journey of movement, laughter, and friendship!

Enrol your little Ninja warrior today and watch as they blossom into confident, capable, and joyful young adventurers!

Boy with black stripes on cheeks about to dive through a hoop during a kinder ninja sports class

Core Competencies

Warm up and aerobic conditioning.


Strength, speed, agility, balance training.


Obstacle courses.


Individual, partner and group challenges.


Timed obstacle course challenge.

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