A Fitnessworx Kinder Dance Class (Melbourne) isn’t like other dance classes. If you don’t like the idea of a strict “ballet” or “gymnastics” class and you shudder at the thought of sitting through a 4 hour concert at the end of the year, just to watch your child dance for 2 minutes, then this is definitely the class for you!

At Fitnessworx, we want our kids to learn and experience everything dance has to offer in a fun and creative way. Discover beat and rhythm through fun interactive games. Challenge timing through movement and song. Learn a range of dance styles including jazz, ballet, creative, cheerleading, zumba and so much more!

Movement skills and body awareness is key in this class.  So whilst the music is always pumping, we also spend time developing strength, coordination, balance, posture and movement. And like many dancers, who doesn’t love the chance to perform! There’s no fancy stage, lighting or costumes here – but you will have spontaneous mid term “shows”, and even a final performance on the last class of the term!

A Fitnessworx Kinder Dance Class (Melbourne) is guaranteed fun and laughter for everyone!

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Four kids holding red pom poms overhead during kinder Dance n Movement program

Core Competencies

Explore concepts of movement: 1) Body awareness 2) Spatial awareness 3) Relationship to/with body, objects and space.


Learning beat, rhythm and timing.


Fundamental movement skills 1) Balance 2) Coordination 3) Locomotion; skip, hop, jump, gallop.


Developing functional strength.


Learn, create and perform routines.


School- readiness skills; listening, taking turns, following instructions.


Learn fundamental sport skills with us!

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