Ok, so what kid doesn’t want to perform in a Circus (you might already think you have your very own circus every day at home!)? Fitnessworx Kinder Circus Classes Melbourne cover a wide range of skills, not just those necessary for performing under the big top.

Fundamental skills are the centre piece of this class. Content continues to vary based on the make up and ability of the kids in attendance.  This means classes remain relevant, challenging and interesting to the kids.  They aren’t a repetition of a term plan put together without any understanding of the individuals attending.

Movement skills and functional strength are an integral part of the class. As kids better understand how to engage their muscles their confidence grows.  This, in turn, allows us to continue to explore their talents.

Hand manipulation skills are also a large feature of this class and whilst the spinning plates are always a huge hit, a lot of time is spent on eye tracking and hand/eye coordination – as the transfer of relevant skills between sports is well understood here at Fitnessworx!  Encouraging the kids to ‘perform’ their best trick or a newly mastered skill provides reinforcement and builds self confidence.  To this end we foster and encourage their interest and enjoyment of ‘showing off’ their talents to you, the stunned and amazed parents!

See you soon in one of our Kinder Circus Classes in Melbourne!

Young girl sitting on static trapeze and looking at Fitnessworx facilitator who is teaching her circus skills

Core Competencies

Developing functional strength.


Explore fundamental motor skills: 1) teach missing skills 2) reinforce and refine skills already present.


Transferrable sports skills (must be able to catch to ‘juggle’)!


Basic gymnastic shapes, movements.


Individual, partner and group balance.


Jumping, and more importantly…landing!


Forward/Back rolls.


Building blocks of cartwheel & handstand.


Beginner trapeze skills.


Hand manipulation - hoops, poi, ribbons, balls, clubs, plates etc etc.

School-readiness skills like listening, taking turns and following instructions..


Learn fundamental sport skills with us!

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