So you think you can dance…?   Great, then a Fitnessworx Kids Dance Party (Melbourne) provides the kids an opportunity to have FUN, and most importantly, dance to some of their favourite tunes! The focus is on having a great time with dance and exploring movement to music that will make you tap your foot (even if you don’t dance!).

Technique is not important, being involved is!  So you turn left instead of right – that’s perfect at Fitnessworx!   And we’re happy for you to provide us a list of your child’s favourite songs – we’ll do our best to include some (if not all) of them!  They love a good show?  That’s great – get your video ready, because the kids will perform their dance for the parents as a finale to the show (an awesome way to finish the party – although the routine can sometimes be a little ‘interpretative’, which is just the way we like it at Fitnessworx!).

A Kids Dance Party (Melbourne) has the Fitnessworx Mitcham studio jumping with the volume turned ‘way up’.  There will be facilitator led dances, activities and games, routines and funky dance moves, and maybe even an opportunity to mispronounce a few words in a song! If the kids just love to jump around and dance ‘freestyle’ – we love that too!   A very fun, active and inclusive party!

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Girl in black singlet with hands up and poking her tongue out during dance and movement program


An introduction to the party, warm up and dance games.

Exploration of dance moves, created by the kids.

Facilitator led dance routine/s.

Freestyle dance challenge!

Sing-along (please note, this is not a bad karaoke party so we won’t be providing the opportunity for all kids to sing their own song - our ears just won’t handle that!)

Kid-led routine creation!

Final ‘interpretative’ routine performed to highly appreciative parents!

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