Roll up! Roll up! Introducing our Kids Mobile Circus Party…

The Circus is in town!  You may already think your child and their friends belong in a circus, so rather than fight it, you may as well train them to perform like circus clowns! 

A Fitnessworx Kids Mobile Circus Party is an awesome, active and inclusive party that provides an opportunity for kids of all abilities to explore their creative side. 

A great party option if you are inviting a mix of boys and girls and works with any age (a great option for the older kids). During this party, we will cover a range of exciting circus elements (modified to suit the age and ability of the group) that may include performance, tricks, hand manipulation (such as juggling, hoops, scarves, plates, poi), body manipulation/acrobatics (individual, partner and group balance and counter balance) and stunts!

This is one of our most requested parties! It really is a heap of fun!  Contact us at Fitnessworx on 1300 668 338 to check availability for a Kids Mobile Circus Party.

Girl hanging up-side-down during mobile circus party


A Fitnessworx facilitator to a location of your choosing (e.g. park, hall, backyard).


Equipment needed to run a highly engaging circus party.


An intro to the party, body awareness challenges and a circus game.




Juggling (everyone will learn how, even if it’s just with 1 object!)


Hand Manipulation - other hand apparatus: scarves, spinning plates, poi & more!


Body Manipulation or Acrobatics; individual, partner & group balances, stunts & more!


Parachute games!


Final Circus performance/presentation!


Energise Your Next Party!

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