Introducing our ‘Circus Workshop Kinder Kids’…

Ok, so what kid doesn’t want to perform in a Circus (you might already think you have your very own circus every day at home!)?

Fitnessworx ‘Circus Workshop Kinder Kids’ covers a wide range of skills, not just those necessary for performing under the big top.  Fundamental skills are the centrepiece of this circus workshop and content varies based on the make up of the kids in attendance.

A mix of hand and body manipulation skills will be explored and, of course, the trapeze is a major hit! Kids will be highly engaged in this workshop and need very little encouragement to ‘perform’ their best trick or a newly mastered skill!

The workshop usually culminates in an amazing circus performance where you, the stunned and amazed parents, clap and cheer them off ‘centre stage’! An excellent introduction to our very popular Circus term classes.

Girl hanging up-side-down during kinder circus school holiday programs

Further Info…

Please ensure kids wear comfy clothes that they can move around in - socks or barefeet during the session (no shoes on the mats).

Please bring along your drink bottles!

If you are staying for 2 classes, you may bring along a small snack for between classes (please avoid common allergens i.e. nuts).

For kinder kids we recommend no more than 2x 1hr classes in a row as they are very active!

Parents are welcome to stay - we have real coffee too!

Have fun with US these holidays!

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