A Fitnessworx Cheerleading Kids Party Melbourne is so much more than pom poms and chants. Cheerleaders are super fit, highly talented and seriously brave.  Cheerleaders (who are both male and female) perform routines that include dancing, tumbling, cheering/chanting, stunting and jumping. 

A Fitnessworx Cheerleading Kids Party Melbourne will provide your mini cheerleaders the opportunity to experience a variety of these essential cheerleading skills, all to a bopping soundtrack that will probably have you tapping your foot without realising!  Once they’ve mastered their inner cheerleader it will be time to end it in the ultimate cheer battle (or ‘presentation’ for the child that doesn’t like the competition) to see which cheer group will prevail.  Will it be the Clovers or the Toro’s (for all you Bring it On fans)!

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Girl bouncing on red mini tramp during cheerleading party


An introduction to the party, warm up and cheerleading game.


Learn “proper” Cheerleading moves.


Try some tricky stunts.


Perform group balances!


Learn some cheer chants.


Practice and perform fantastic routines with the pompoms.


Get behind your team in a Cheerleading Battle!


Energise Your Next Party!

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