Have kids with energy that just seem to keep going like the energiser bunny?  Enjoy seeing that energy ‘used up’?  Then we have the party for you!  A Fitnessworx Kids Bootcamp Party (Melbourne) is a high energy party filled with a variety of fun and challenging “commando” style activities. 

This party has a Fitnessworx facilitator excited to take on the role of ‘The Commando’! Whether it be individual tasks, partner-based work or group challenges, we think a Fitnessworx Bootcamp party will leave all attendees puffing and sweaty (who doesn’t love a sweaty kid!).  Each party makes adjustments and allowances for age and ability of your child and their guests, but will your group have what it takes to ‘earn their stripes’?

For a highly active Kids Bootcamp Party (Melbourne) click on the link to check if your preferred date is available.

Girl wearing white boxing gloves and smiling at camera during bootcamp program


Bootcamp intro and “warm-up” (even this is challenging!)


"Survivor-style" challenges.


Obstacle course.


Team building challenges.


Circuit training or exercise stations (individual and partner based).


Martial arts (teaching fun combinations and movements only).


Army drills.


Team games.


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