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Partyworx for You!

February 24th, 2017 | Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Partyworx for You!
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Roll up, Roll up – come and enjoy this afternoon’s performance by Thalia and her Fabulous Friends. You will see juggling, acrobatics, cheerleading and more…

The voice boomed, encouraging all to come and see. You could well have been beneath a Silvers Circus Big Top, if it weren’t for the fact you were here to collect your 8 year old from Thalia’s birthday party at her home in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

The music starts up as the first act comes bouncing into the centre of the ring! With colored hair, costumes and BIG Smiles upon their faces they try to hide the concentration whilst remembering the juggling routine they’d put together earlier that day. Balls, ribbons and scarves go flying in all directions but everyone is clapping along and the kids are torn between laughing out loud and trying to show their true ‘performance face’ during their 5 minutes in the spotlight.


“As we thank our jugglers, can we now welcome onto the stage our acrobatic and cheerleading teams lead by Birthday Girl Thalia, to the modern beat of Rihanna’s You Can’t Stop the Music!” The ring leader, come professional party facilitator, was just so enthusiastic and passionate – the kids stared at her throughout their performance for ongoing nods of encouragement and the odd cue when a move was forgotten. I could just hear 20 little voices saying ‘mummy I want her at my party’ for weeks to come! Gone are the days of Fairies and Face Painting.

As my own 8 year old son took to the stage I held my breath not knowing quite how this was going to play out. We have not been able to encourage him to become involved in the local footy club with his brothers, and it has appeared to be nothing more than pure torture each time we have taken him along to a basketball clinic! In fact any form of exercise has always sent him running. So I could not believe it when I saw him out there in the midst of it all with a huge smile on his face, counting out the beat, performing some clever acrobatic moves and making his way to the centre of a pyramid base as they formed their final pose! He was just having so much fun that he seemed oblivious to his slightly increased rate of breathing and the beads of sweat rolling down his face! I decided I wouldn’t mention that.

The performance ended to huge applause from waiting parents and soon after the room was a buzz with excited chatter as each child gave their rendition of the afternoon’s activities.

I overheard Kristy, the party facilitator, explaining to a couple of mums the origins of Partyworx by Fitnessworx. She explained that the company worked with hundreds of primary schools each week and was established to address the increasingly sedentary lifestyle of today’s youth. They could target children that often shied away from competitive team sports by encouraging them to be involved in non-sport specific Fitnessworx programs that focused on inclusiveness, being active and just HAVING FUN. Aidan, still sporting his bright red face, appeared to be proof that this was a theory that worked!

I chuckled to myself in the car on the way home, wondering how I would explain to my husband that I had just penciled in a Partyworx by Fitnessworx party for Aidan’s next birthday (which was over 5 months away!). My husband had often heard me scoff with disbelief at the extraordinary lengths people were going to now-a-days to outdo each other and hold the newest, most unique and BEST birthday party for their child. From jewellery making to ponies, clowns and cooking classes – was I being drawn into this battle of the parents?? Was this hypocritical??

I decided to give myself a break, comforted by the explanation to self that this was actually an activity that surpassed being just a unique, fun birthday party idea – it was actually “good for them”.

And with that comforting realization, I quickly called Kristy back to book a 5 year old and 12 year old party too – well, my daughters simply wouldn’t let me forget it if Aidan’s party outdid theirs!!!




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