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Fitnessworx for Communities

June 2nd, 2009 | Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Fitnessworx for Communities

Doing it for the Kids…

On any other day the footy oval at Kinglake West could remind anyone of the horrific events that occurred only months earlier. Eerie and bare, with obvious signs of destruction, black and amber dominated the landscape as far as the eye could see.

But this day was different…


There was loads of colour, a buzz of energy in the air, laughter, squeals of delight and cheers from in excess of 250 kids. The surrounding landscape and everything it represented paled into insignificance for the next few hours.

And that was the aim – today was all about the kids. The event was a Gala Day for children from four Primary Schools in the Kinglake area – directly affected by the horrific events of Black Saturday. Sporting celebrities, politicians and several organizations donated their time and services so that these kids could just come along and have some fun!

And that they did. From golf to soccer, bungee to Fitnessworx cheerleading and so much more! There was a total of 13 different activities. Everyone joined in and had a ball.

There was not a mention of the event that had rocked their community in recent times. Every child had a smile on their face. There were kids here that had faced significant loss, perhaps their homes or even a family member – but you wouldn’t have known that. Today, they just wanted to be happy, and this was infectious – everyone involved in the day had a great time!

If you’re as fortunate as me, every now and then your job allows you to be involved in an event that leaves a lasting impression on both your mind and your heart. But it wasn’t until I was back in the office, the day after the Kinglake Gala, that I realised just how much I’d been affected. I sat and reflected for a while on the extraordinary resilience of a child.

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