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Fitnessworx for your School

May 31st, 2016 | Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Fitnessworx for your School

Fitnessworx is all about BEING ACTIVE and HAVING FUN. Fitnessworx offer an alternative to sport-specific activity. SPORT is not for everyone – but physical activity needs to be a regular part of a child’s daily routine, to provide the foundation for a long, healthy life.


Physical Activity that’s not sport? Huh?

When it comes to getting active, for too long now, kids have been presented with the same old options – netball, footy, cricket etc. And whilst these options definitely get you moving – for kids that fear the competitive nature of many teams sports, the inspiration to get active is quickly overcome by the negative impact of being picked last or just standing out as being `no good’.

Well, Fitnessworx is here to show that there are many other paths to getting active. From dance to circus, cheerleading to bootcamp, frisbee to skipping and team based challenges inspired by “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” – everyone can benefit from physical activity and have loads of fun at the same time!

Fitnessworx offer schools…

Curriculum based and Co-curricular programs – these are external provider compliant and have been mapped against syllabus outcomes and indicators in VIC, QLD, NSW and SA;

Programs across the curriculum – whilst the Health and Physical Education syllabus seems an obvious starting point for the inclusion of a Fitnessworx activity program, using physical activity to complement the syllabus and/or enhance learning across other disciplines provides an effective extended learning option and engages children via a different method of learning;

Activities external to the curriculum – offering additional/optional activities to your students outside of the standard curriculum, and especially activities that are targeted at encouraging traditionally inactive children to be active, can demonstrate to your school community the value your school places on living a healthy and active lifestyle.

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