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Fitnessworx Ideas for Schools

There are so many ways to incorporate a Fitnesssworx program into your Curriculum, Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities – this list is sure to provide some inspiration

School Incursions

Like an excursion – but we come to you! Click here for Fitnessworx Activity Descriptions

Tabloid Sports

These days are so much fun. They involve a heap of different stations designed to teach and/or improve Cardiovascular Fitness, Hand Eye Co-ordination, Fundamental Motor Skills and Team Building. Balancing, leaping, throwing, bouncing, dodging and more!

Sports Clinics (or should we say Non-sports Clinics!)

Rather than running a traditional sports clinic, why not offer an alternative – perhaps a Cheerleading Clinic or Circus Clinic?

School Camps

Invite us along to your next one! We can provide unique and fun activities for the kids whilst on camp.

Transition Days

Getting a new school year off to a good start can influence children’s attitude,
confidence, and performance both socially and academically. Help with the transition of your new students by reducing any possible anxiety through fun, interactive activities that will introduce them to other students too!

Expo Days

A great way to get a taste of a few different Fitnessworx programs. Choose 3 or 4 activities and allow the kids to rotate through each one. Click here for Fitnessworx Activity Descriptions

Educational Seminars and Interactive Workshops

Fitnessworx offer presentations, seminars and interactive workshops by qualified and professional staff that cover a wide range of topics in the areas of Health and Fitness. We work closely with each site in developing our plan to ensure the topic we present will cover the areas of specific interest to you. Examples of past seminars and workshops include “The Healthy Lunch Box” Seminar and “Muscle Madness – Muscles in Action” Workshop.

Extended Learning Activities/ Extended Learning days – Fitnessworx Across the Curriculum

Using physical activity to complement the syllabus and/or enhance learning across multiple disciplines also offers children a different style of learning. Team Circus up with Drama; Dance with Maths; or Science with a Fitnessworx Activate and Educate Team Challenge – there are lots of options, the only restriction will be your imagination. Let us know your idea and leave the program plan to us!

Holiday Programs/Outside School Hours Care programs

If you are already running your own program – why not invite Fitnessworx along to entertain the kids with one of their fun, inclusive activity programs. The kids could try their hand at Circus, get rhythmic with Funk’n’Groovy or fine tune their fundamental motor skills with a Skipping program – their are lots of options, click here for more.

Click here for more information on Fitnessworx services for Care Providers

AASC programs

Fitnessworx is a recognized organization with the Australian Sports Commission’s Active After-school Communities program. Fitnessworx programs are designed to engage traditionally non-active children in structured physical activities. Fitnessworx offer alternatives to sport-specific activity, ranging from multi-skill to dance, circus to bootcamp, tabloid sports and much more – click here for the full list. Fitnessworx have also established community links to allow children the opportunity to continue on with these non-sport specific activities outside of our school based programs.

Click here for more information on Fitnessworx and the AASC program

Gifted and Talented programs

Why not provide a challenge with a difference? Extend the learning of those students with a thirst for information through informative and engaging programs, tailored to suit your site’s specific needs.

Optional before school, after school and lunch time activities

Offering optional extra curricular activities is a great way to demonstrate to your wider school community the value you place on living an active and healthy lifestyle. Early morning Bootcamp sessions at secondary school level have been popular, as have lunch time Funk ‘n’ Groovy classes.

School Dinners and School Sleepovers

We really enjoy being involved in these very special occasions – whether it be a dinner or sleepover we can come along and run a fun-filled activity to help add to the enjoyment of the evening for the kids. We have run circus, dance and bootcamp programs at these events. The teachers loved it – the kids were so exhausted they slept solidly!

School Sports Days

We have been invited along to School Sports Days to run some alternative, non-sport specific activities to help increase the number of kids participating in these days. We praise the schools that have had the foresight to do this.

School Sports Team Fitness Coaches/Fitness Instructors

Get your athletes or squads ready with our talented and qualified fitness coaches. Exercise with a difference, it’s fun!

Choreography for schools

Whether it is for an end of year concert, a special performance or an Eisteddfod entry we can help out with the choreography, and make it a whole heap of fun at the same time!

Cluster Days

If you would like to involve several schools from your area in a non-sport specific activity day, or if you are running a cluster based sports day and would like to offer an activity that is non-sport specific – we can help!

School Open Days

Your school’s facilities are on show. Demonstrate the value you place on living a Healthy and Active lifestyle by illustrating that there are physical activity options for every student, no matter whether they are a traditional team sport fanatic or not.

Celebration Days

Celebrate the end of a school term or school year with a fun Fitnessworx Activity for a class, year level or whole school! Click here for Fitnessworx Activity Descriptions

PE Programs

Looking for a different and interesting way to achieve your core competencies? Fitnessworx can help with specifically tailored lessons that will engage all students, regardless of their interest in physical activity. Whether it be a one off session to provide opportunities to put theory into practice or term-based/year long programs, Fitnessworx can help. For instance, we can run a term-long Skipping program culminating in a Skippathon, catering for all year levels.

Saturday Sport Alternatives

Many schools run compulsory Saturday sport – again we take our hats off to those school that have acknowledged the benefits of offering a non-sport specific alternative! Let the kids choose – tennis, footy, netball or Circus! Click here for Fitnessworx Activity Descriptions

Weekend Kids and Parents sessions

In today’s society there is an increase in the number of families in which both parents work, making it hard for many to get outside and be active with their kids during the week. Weekend sessions for parents and kids provide an opportunity for quality family time and an appreciation for the benefits of physical activity.

Gymnastics, Dance and Movement Alternatives

Some schools have thought outside the square and run a Fitnessworx Circus, Funk ‘n’ Groovy or Cheerleading program as a different way to achieve core competencies in these areas.