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Fitnessworx for Schools

Helping children adopt a healthy lifestyle early will have a tremendous impact on their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

Fitnessworx is all about BEING ACTIVE and HAVING FUN. Fitnessworx offer an alternative to sport-specific activity. SPORT is not for everyone – but physical activity needs to be a regular part of a child’s daily routine, to provide the foundation for a long, healthy life.

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Physical Activity that’s not sport? Huh?

When it comes to getting active, for too long now, kids have been presented with the same old options – netball, footy, cricket etc. And whilst these options definitely get you moving – for kids that fear the competitive nature of many teams sports, the inspiration to get active is quickly overcome by the negative impact of being picked last or just standing out as being ‘no good’.

Well, Fitnessworx is here to show that there are many other paths to getting active. From dance to circus, cheerleading to bootcamp, frisbee to skipping and team based challenges inspired by “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” – everyone can benefit from physical activity and have loads of fun at the same time!

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Fitnessworx programs are successful because they cater to children of varying levels of fitness and skill. Based on the theory of inclusive education and with a strong focus on FUN, the programs even appeal to traditionally inactive kids. Fitnessworx activities develop transferable fundamental motor skills. The sessions are conducted in a safe and encouraging team-based environment and provide everyone with that opportunity to achieve success.

Fitnessworx Curriculum Based and Co-Curricular Activities

Fitnessworx currently work with hundreds of schools every week to deliver unique health and physical activity programs that provide some real alternatives to traditional sport.

Programs can be easily integrated into your existing school curriculum and can be tailored to meet the desired outcomes of your school. Fitnessworx programs are external provider compliant and have been mapped against syllabus outcomes and indicators for each state we service.

  • Victoria: Fitnessworx activities have been aligned with learning outcomes from the VELS. To assist schools in meeting VELS requirements, they have been mapped against the essential learning standards in Health and Physical Education, Interpersonal Development, Personal Learning, Interpersonal Development and Communication.
  • Queensland: Fitnessworx activities have been aligned with the Queensland Essential Learnings Health and Physical Education (HPE) curriculum Ways of Working (WoW) and Knowledge and Understanding.
  • New South Wales: Fitnessworx activities have been aligned with learning outcomes from the New South Wales Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) Syllabus.
  • South Australia: Fitnessworx activities have been aligned with learning outcomes and standards framework from the South Australian Health and Physical Education Primary Years Syllabus.

Fitnessworx programs meet the legal and safety requirements as set out in external provider checklists. Details of insurance can be provided in a certificate of currency.
Fitnessworx will work closely with your school in the design, development, implementation, coordination and evaluation stage of any curriculum based program to ensure we deliver your desired outcomes.

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To ensure we provide children with an entry point into an active lifestyle, Fitnessworx have also commenced a limited number of their own community based programs in Melbourne and have established community affiliations in other states, allowing children to continue on with a Fitnessworx style activity once we finish at your school. Click here to read more about our Fitnessworx for Kids programs in the community.

Fitnessworx ACROSS the Curriculum

Whilst the Health and Physical Education syllabus seems an obvious starting point for the inclusion of a Fitnessworx activity – the team at Fitnessworx strongly believe that there are so many other beneficial ways of incorporating an activity program, interactive workshop or extended learning session into other core units of the curriculum.

One example is our “Fitnessworx Activate and Educate Team Challenge” – in the spirit of Survivor and The Amazing Race teams complete tasks and challenges that have all been tailored to get them active, get them thinking and get them having so much fun they won’t even realize that they are learning so much along the way. Each challenge is designed specifically for your school and the subject area you have requested. We just completed a great “Fitnessworx Amazing Muscle Race” to compliment a school’s current science subject of “Muscles and The Human Body”. It was combined with an interactive workshop that we also took on Famous Sporting Stars – and explored the different muscles that are required for different sports. Click here for more ideas on how to use Fitnessworx!

Fitnessworx EXTERNAL to the Curriculum

Offering additional/optional activities to your students outside of the standard curriculum, and especially activities that are targeted at encouraging traditionally inactive children to be active, can demonstrate to your school community the value your school places on living a healthy and active lifestyle.

This could range from offering after-school programs, a lunchtime Funk ‘n’ Groovy class, an early morning Bootcamp session or a weekend parents and kids activity.

By offering an after school program your school can help provide a solution to one of the greatest barriers associated with childhood inactivity. With many more parents needing to work, transportation and actually getting their children to community based sporting activities after school is often impossible for these parents.

By running a Fitnessworx program at your school, after school – you can provide parents and children with a method for overcoming this obstacle, allowing them the opportunity to participate in a structured physical activity program.

PE Programs / School Incursions / Tabloid Sports Days / Expo Days…

…Sports Clinics/ Seminars/ Skippathons/ School Sleepovers/ Extended Learning Challenges… the list goes on and on. In fact there are so many ways that Fitnessworx can work with your school, whether that be within the curriculum, across the curriculum or external to the curriculum. Sometimes the hardest thing is coming up with ideas on how to incorporate a Fitnessworx activity program at your school. To make it easier, we have included a list of various ways we have been engaged by schools up to now. Be sure to have a read as it will give you some great ideas on how you can incorporate fun, physical activity across so many varied aspects of school life! Click here for further inspiration…

Fitnessworx for TEACHERS too!

Teachers Getting Active: One of the most successful ways to encourage children to live a healthy and active lifestyle, is to ensure they are surrounded by good role models!! So why not get active yourself. If there are a group of teachers at your school that are interested in having fun and being active – Fitnessworx can help! Click here to find out more.

Fitnessworx for Professional Development: Fitnessworx “teach the teachers” workshops – our most qualified Fitnessworx staff will run a workshop for your teachers on any of our non-sport specific activities. When we leave your teachers will feel confident enough to deliver a range of activities in the chosen discipline, ranging from Funk ‘n’ Groovy (dance and movement) to Circus, skipping and more! As well as specific workshops on using physical activity sessions as an extended learning tool in core units other than Health and PE.

Structure and Pricing of Fitnessworx programs

  • Structure of a Fitnessworx Program:

    The structure of a program is reliant on exactly what it is you are after. Once we have established your school’s desired outcomes – we can commence planning exactly how to achieve them.

    Some schools may select only one Fitnessworx activity and focus on that for the duration of their program (whether that be a two hour incursion, a term or a year). Alternatively you may select 2 or more activities and run them on a rotational system. Seminars and/or Interactive Workshops are often successfully combined with a Fitnessworx Activity or a tailored “Fitnessworx Activate and Educate Challenge” for a full extended learning experience.

  • Length of the programs:

    Generally one-off incursion style programs range from 2 hours to a half or full day.

    Ongoing curriculum based programs, where we work with a year level or an entire school over the period of a term or a year, can be structured to fit within class schedules (eg 45 mins per grade)

    Before and/or After school programs are usually one hour in duration and run on a selected day of the week for a school term or school year.

    Seminars, Interactive Workshops, the “Fitnessworx Activate and Educate Team Challenges” will vary in length dependent upon your requirements

    Of course, there are no set rules to the way the programs are structured or their length – so once we have discussed your schools requirements we will provide options for your consideration.

  • Pricing:

    Pricing will vary dependent on several factors including the duration of the program, the number of children involved, the number of deliverers required etc – so please contact us and we will happily provide program options and a quote.