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Mitcham Preschool Classes (3-5yrs)

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Be active and Have Fun with our fundamental movement and sports skill classes for 3-5 year olds



Until age 6, it is all about being active and mastering basic movement skills! Children should be able to have fun with physical development through both structured and unstructured activity that incorporates a variety of body movements. Children this age need to develop the ABCs of movement – Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed.

REMEMBER – an early active start enhances the development of brain function, coordination, social skills, gross motor skills, emotions, and imagination. It also helps children build confidence, develop posture and balance, build strong bones and muscles, achieve a healthy weight, reduce stress, sleep well, move skillfully, and enjoy being active.

Fitnessworx Mitcham Term Based Classes - Preschool-age (3-5yrs)

9.30amBalls Balls Balls
3&4yo kinder
3&4yo kinder
Superhero Training
3&4yo kinder
Balls Balls Balls
3&4yo kinder
Partyworx by Fitnessworx Parties

10 - 11.30am
12 - 1.30pm
2 - 3.30pm
4 - 5.30pm
10.30amSuperhero Training
3&4yo kinder
Balls Balls Balls
3&4yo kinder
Balls Balls Balls
3&4yo kinder
3&4yo kinder
3&4yo kinder
Superhero Training
3&4yo kinder
3&4yo kinder
Superhero Training
3&4yo kinder


  • Alternatively, please contact us directly via email: or phone: 1300 668 338
  • MEDICAL INDEMNITY FORM (please complete this form to bring to your first class)
  • No walk-ins please, bookings required for ALL TRIAL CLASSES – as we are still a new studio not all classes are up and running as yet.  Please call to find out which classes are running.



Fitnessworx Circus (3-5yrs)

Our circus classes cover a range of exciting circus elements including hand and body manipulation. Body Manipulation covers a lot of content similar to that of a gymnastics class with some extras – rolls, shapes, holds, intro to acrobatics, bar work, peddal-gos, intro to stilts, partner balances and more. Our Fitnessworx studio has its own trapeze and swing rope too! Body Manipulation is brilliant for developing core strength, agility, stability, flexibility, balance to name a few. Hand Manipulation includes activities such as juggling (balls, rings, scarves and clubs), hoops, spinning plates, diablos, poi and ribbons. It is great for the development of hand eye coordination, rhythm, concentration, memory and more. This is a very popular class.

Fitnessworx Balls Balls Balls (3-5yrs)

Now that we know that specialising in one sport early is NOT the way to go – Fitnessworx Balls Balls Balls provides an awesome alternative! This class is full of fun, interactive activities that will allow the kids to explore and experience what it’s like to handle different balls. From soccer balls, footballs and basketballs to tennis balls, soft golf balls and even ping pong balls the kids will learn to kick, throw, catch, aim, strike, roll and bounce their way through fun and engaging challenges, games, activities and drills! The kids learn the fundamental movement skills correctly, and become more physically competent and confident. By doing it the right way NOW, and a broad range of fundamental movement and sport skills associated with ball sports, they will excel when it comes time to ‘specialise’ and apply these skills to a specific sport (when they are developmentally ready and physically literate, of course!).

Fitnessworx SuperHero Training (Fundamental Motor Skills) 3-5yrs

What preschooler doesn’t like to pretend they are a Super Hero at some stage in their younger years?? This is a great program and it is HIGHLY engaging. The building blocks to coordinated movement are fundamental motor skills and the best way for kids to learn these is by having FUN! Breaking activities down into their basic form and then turning them into interactive, enjoyable superhero tasks will have your child engaged and challenged, all the while learning new, fun and useful skills. Skills covered include running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking, skipping, hopping – and more. Wait til you see how we teach them to fly!! A great program for improving speed, general fitness, agility, balance and coordination too.

Fitnessworx Dance & Movement (3-5yrs)

This class provides a great way to get active and have fun through movement to music. This class is quite different from a traditional dance school class and there are no examinations or making of costumes for concerts. The focus is on dance play and the kids will get a chance to explore the amazing world of dance and it’s multitude of themes; latin, cheerleading, hip hop, funk, jazz (to name but a few!) as well as some cool new street styles such as Body Beat! It is a fun, engaging, all-inclusive and supportive class that is designed to cater to a variety of skill levels. If you love music and love to move – this is a great class to choose for getting active! The kids always do a small mini performance during the final class of the term so you get a chance to see some of the wonderful routines they have created. A fabulous class for improving balance, agility, timing, confidence, creativity, rhythm, coordination and imagination to name a few!

NEW Fitnessworx Multi Sports Skills (3-5yrs)

Fitnessworx Multi Sports Skills is a great way to learn the skills required for a range of different sports in a fun and engaging way. So many sports are covered from Basketball to Football, Soccer to Cricket, Tennis and more! It’s an excellent class for developing sporting and fundamental movement skills, yet it’s still so much fun at the same time! A great program for improving a child’s physical development. Multi Sports Skills is being offered to our 3-5yr olds and our 5-8yr olds.


All Fitnessworx classes are delivered in an inclusive, fun, supportive and safe environment and are suitable for kids of varying ability and skill.

As ALL our classes cover a broad range of movement skills to build physical literacy, we recommend you either select the one that most interests your child – or try a different class each term!



  • Term 3, 2020:  Monday 13th July – Friday 18th September
    • Term Length…
      • 10 week term


  • We offer a No Obligation FREE Trial Class (Bookings Essential).
  • We DO NOT charge an additional registration fee.
  • Term 3, 2020 Fees:
    • 10 week term: $185
  • Use the red BOOK NOW button ABOVE.
  • Late enrolments (starting mid-term) are accepted and will be prorated (number of weeks remaining x $18.50). Please contact us regarding this.
  • Sibling discount applies.
    • 20 week pack available (to be used within 6 months) for $310 ($15.50/class), instead of $18.50.  This is available by using the BOOK NOW button below.
    • VIP GOLD Membership offer (see below) for an even better deal (less than $13.75/class)!
  • Please note our Kinder/Pre-School classes run for 60 minutes.
Preschool sports classes



  • Congratulations to those of you that were quick enough to jump on board and secure a Platinum Membership, these have now all been taken and we have introduced a second tier – VIP GOLD MEMBERSHIPS
  • A LIMITED number of VIP GOLD Memberships will now be available for Fitnessworx Mitcham
  • GOLD Memberships cost $549 and allow for 1 class per week each term for 4 terms. This reduces the cost per class to less than $13.75, instead of the usual $18.50. This is still a MASSIVE saving, so once again a limited number of memberships will be available.
  • No other discounts will be implemented with this offer. If you are wanting to do 2 classes per week – you can purchase 2 memberships (availability permitting)
  • Once purchased these will last 12 months from implementation, and no refunds will be given
  • Changing classes during or at the end of a term is allowed (availability permitting)


“Fitnessworx: smart active kids” is NOT a franchise. Our classes are taught by the people that have developed and/or contributed to the content of these programs.

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