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Fitnessworx School Holiday Activity Descriptions

Check out the fun school holiday workshops we have on offer these SPRING school holidays!


Fitnessworx is super excited to be offering this awesome opportunity to participate in ‘Fitnessworx Theatresports’!  Kids will have the opportunity to explore their creative talents and unleash some acting flare in a fun, interactive and, of course, ‘active’ workshop, encompassing some traditional (and also non-traditional) theatresports activities.  If you’re looking for something different these school holidays, you’ve just found it.  Led by Connor, a professional actor and physical activity enthusiast, who has years of experience (not to mention buckets of personality), your child will have a ball!

NEW Fitnessworx TRICKING!!!

BRAND NEW ‘TRICKING’ workshop – a new underground sport movement that combines martial arts, breakdancing and gymnastics to learn twists, leaps and ‘tricks’ (giving it its name).  Our superstar trickster Aaron has been doing tricking since it became a “thing” – he trains professionally in the movement and is looking forward to enthusiastically showing kids what it’s all about!

Fitnessworx Circus

“Ladies and Gentleman – Roll Up, Roll Up to the Fitnessworx Circus Extravaganza”. During this workshop you will learn what it takes to make it in the circus! We will cover a range of exciting circus elements including performance, tricks, hand and body manipulation such as juggling, hoops, scarves, plates, diablos, acrobatics, stunts and balances. You will have so much fun – you may even be tempted to run away with the circus! But don’t do that, because our workshop will culminate in its very own Fitnessworx Circus Performance in which you are the stars! Here you will be given the opportunity to “show-off” your favorite new found circus trick or skill in a mini show for your parents and each other.

It is also a fantastic activity for both genders. It was written by our own International Circus Performers. It is a colorful program, providing a lot of opportunity for the development of skills that many people would not yet have, and it’s loads of fun!!

A Typical Circus Workshop will include:

  • An intro to the workshop and some warm up activities and games
    • Hoop Work
    • Juggling
    • Body Manipulation: Balancing
    • Hand Manipulation – other apparatus: scarves, clubs, diablo, devil sticks, poi
    • Circus Acro
    • Develop Final Performance
    • Roll Up, Roll Up for the Circus Bonanza, as the kids put on a “mini final performance”

Fitnessworx Dance and Movement Workshop

This workshop provides a great way to get active and have fun through movement to music. The focus is on dance play and the kids will get a chance to explore the amazing world of dance and it’s multitude of themes and styles! It is a fun, engaging, all-inclusive and supportive workshop that is designed to cater to a variety of skill levels. If you love music and love to move – this is a great activity to choose for the school holidays! The kids always do a small mini performance at the end of the workshop so you get a chance to see some of the wonderful routines they have created. A fabulous program for working on balance, agility, flexibility, timing, confidence, creativity, rhythm, coordination and core strength to name a few!

Fitnessworx Superhero Training

Ever wanted to fight crime, solve mysteries or even FLY?
Now you can! Fitnessworx Superhero Training gives your little superhero (and all their superhero friends!) a chance to unlock their very own super powers!
Superheroes in waiting must pass 4 separate areas of training to graduate as a fully fledged Superhero:

  1. Commando where heroes will complete a challenging obstacle course to become the best heroes they can be,
    2. Combat where heroes use mixed martial arts to fight off villains (not literally!),
    3. Search and Rescue where heroes get to put their skills to the test, and finally
    4. Flying – I mean, what’s the point of being a Superhero if you can’t fly! (wait ‘til you see how we teach “flying”!)

At the completion of their “training” they graduate as fully-fledged Fitnessworx Superheroes and are presented with a graduation certificate.
Please feel free to come along dressed as your favourite Superhero or Movie Character!!

Fitnessworx Parkour

Parkour (pronounced ‘par-koor’) is a physical discipline of French origin in which participants attempt to pass obstacles in a smooth and rapid manner. Parkour is said to be the art of moving (from A to B), consisting of uninterrupted forward motion over, under, around and through obstacles (both man-made and natural) in the environment. Such movement may come in the form of running, jumping, climbing and crawling. The goal of parkour is to be able to adapt one’s movement to any given situation so that any obstacle can be overcome with the human body’s abilities.

Whether you’ve heard of Parkour or not, we think you’ll love this program that teaches the concepts of moving within your environment with speed and efficiency whilst overcoming barriers and obstacles safely. You may have seen examples of Parkour on Music Videos’, commercials or even YouTube and when a well-trained practitioner performs parkour it looks amazing. Through a series of fun challenges and activities (both individual and group based), kids will learn the basics of Parkour.

Fitnessworx Balls Balls Balls

This workshop is full of fun, interactive activities that will allow the kids to explore and experience what it’s like to handle different balls. From soccer balls, footballs and basketballs to tennis balls, soft golf balls and even ping pong balls the kids will learn to kick, throw, catch, aim, strike, roll and bounce their way through fun and engaging challenges, games, activities and drills! The kids learn the fundamental movement skills correctly, and become more physically competent and confident. By doing it the right way NOW, and a broad range of fundamental movement and sport skills associated with ball sports, they will excel when it comes time to ‘specialise’ and apply these skills to a specific sport when they are older (and developmentally ready).

Fitnessworx Footy Finals

It’s that time of year again – footy finals time!  What better way to get excited than to dress up in your team colours and come along to Fitnessworx and practice the skills needed!  There might be elements of AFL, Soccer and more – but most importantly, the kids will have a chance to ‘kick the winning goal’!

Fitnessworx Rio Olympics


Opening Ceremony:  Olympians take the athlete oath (warm up game!)

Let the games begin:

  • Giant Soccer
  • Javelin throw (with no risk of injury!)
  • Weight lifting
  • Discuss (using a frisbee, no injuries here either!)
  • Gymnastics
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • The TRI-athlon (ooooohh)

Finale:  Supercharged Usain Bolt Relay & Hurdle Steeplechase

Fitnessworx Hip Hop Street Dance

Come and join us as we unveil Jared, our very own male hip hop dancer! With the music pumping, learn some great hip hop/street moves & routines!  This is one for both the boys and girls.

Fitnessworx Multi Sports Clinic

Fitnessworx Multi Sports Skills is a great way to learn the skills required for a range of different sports in a fun and engaging way. So many sports are covered from Basketball to Football, Soccer to Cricket, Tennis and more! It’s an excellent workshop for developing sporting and fundamental movement skills, yet it’s still so much fun at the same time! A great program for improving a child’s physical development.

Fitnessworx Bootcamp & Teamworx Workshop

Physical and mental team challenges and games that will get you working with others (you might even meet some awesome new people!).  It’s also a lot of fun and will have you in stitches (and puffing a lot too!).

Challenges inspired by those from: Survivor, Amazing Race & Minute 2 Win It!

Fitnessworx Obstacle Courses

“Obstacle Courses” gives kids a chance to do what they love doing at Fitnessworx – climbing, crawling, swinging, jumping, bouncing and rolling.  They may have to make their way through the slime swamp, swing over the crocodile pit and crawl under the electric eels (well, not literally), but whatever they do, they’ll have a lot of fun doing it!