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Fitnessworx: Smart Active Kids (Melbourne)

Whether you just want to be active and have fun or become an elite international athlete – this is the place to start!

FWX school age Mitcham

At ‘Fitnessworx: active fun for kids’ we teach Physical Literacy and we follow a Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) philosophy.

What is Physical Literacy?

Physical literacy is about developing the fundamental movement skills that all children need, such as running, hopping, throwing, catching and jumping. These movement skills in turn give kids the competence and confidence to participate in a wide variety of physical activities and sports.

Physical Literacy is a holistic approach that promotes a healthy lifestyle, helping children develop a lifelong passion for physical activity, and prepares them mentally and emotionally for participation in school and the broader community.

What is the LTAD philosophy and how is it relevant to kids?

In it’s very basic form this philosophy supports the development of general and varied fundamental movement skills at an early age, as opposed to specialisation in one specific sport.
This approach has been shown to produce children that are more well rounded in not only physical competence but in their social interactions, cognitive ability and general attitude toward living a healthy and active life.

Kids are getting involved in sports earlier than ever – some begin a competitive sport by the age of 3 or 4. But starting early doesn’t guarantee success. Contrary to popular belief, most professional athletes did not start their sport at a young age.

Specialising in a single sport should not be encouraged until adolescent years when children are developmentally ready and physically literate.

Fitnessworx Programs for Preschool & Primary School Kids:

At Fitnessworx we understand that some kids are competitive and some are not, some love traditional sports whilst others ‘accidentally’ leave their sports uniforms at home! Some just like to hang with their friends.  Others like to feel in control of their bodies and their minds. We incorporate ALL these motivations into our practices.

Our unique, fun and active Fitnessworx programs have been developed by a range of industry experts including exercise scientists, teachers, researchers and early years professionals.

Through engaging activities that are a little different to the norm we are able to focus on developing the broad range of fundamental movement skills that are relevant to a child’s age and level of physical development, and skills that are applicable to all sports!

As an example, in our “Balls Balls Balls” program we use soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, tennis balls (and so many other different balls) to kick, throw, catch, aim, strike, bowl, dribble and bounce our way through fun and engaging challenges, games, activities and drills! The kids learn the fundamental movement skills correctly, and become more physically competent and confident. By doing it the right way NOW, and focussing on a broader range of fundamental movement and sport skills, they will excel when it comes time to ‘specialise’ and apply these skills to a specific sport of choice (i.e. when they are developmentally ready and physically literate).

To read more about our different program options and the fundamental movement and sports skills developed within each – please click on the relevant link below (Preschool or School Age)…

Preschool sports classes

Preschool Classes (3-5 yrs)

“Fitnessworx:active fun for kids” run daytime sessions for preschool children.  To view our current timetable and to read descriptions of the unique & fun sports classes we offer please click on the link provided.  You will also find useful information regarding our location, pricing and enrolment procedures.

After school sports classes

School Age Classes (5-13 yrs)

“Fitnessworx:active fun for kids” run after school sessions on a Monday to Friday, as well as a Saturday morning session, for primary school aged kids (5-13yrs).  To view our current timetable and to read descriptions of the unique & fun sports classes we offer please click on the link provided.  You will also find useful information regarding our location, pricing and enrolment procedures.

School holiday activities making juggling balls

Active School Holiday Workshops

Try something new these upcoming school holidays! “Fitnessworx: smart active kids” are showcasing some of our most popular activities – so why not come along and join in!  You can choose from a kinder 1-2 hour workshop or a 5 hour full day workshop for school-age kids (prep – grade 6). Location: 1 Monomeeth Dve, Mitcham.

Kids parties Superhero party

Parties, Parties, Parties!

Energise your next party with a Partyworx by Fitnessworx activity theme!  We offer MOBILE parties – where we come to you, or parties at our Party Venue in Mitcham.  It’s your choice.  Either way you are bound to have a great time! Choose from a PARKOUR, CIRCUS PARTY, BOOTCAMP PARTY, a SUPERHERO TRAINING party & more…


Learn more about Physical Literacy and the LTAD Philosophy by reading some of the following resources:

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