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Fitnessworx for Corporates

…you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation – Plato

Fitnessworx offer Corporate Australia a way to harness their “inner child”, get out from behind their desks and have some fun!

Fitnessworx understand that people are the most intrinsic element of any business and its success. We offer a professional yet unique range of services designed to refresh, motivate and reward your staff.

Our services can be tailored to meet your desired outcomes whether they be increasing general fitness and well being in the workplace, team building activities, entertainment for family functions, a “stress-down” day or an injection of fun at a conference.

Team Building Activity - Circus

There are so many ways that Fitnessworx can work in your corporate world; here are some of the most popular:


Energise! Refresh! Reward!

Invite Fitnessworx along to your next work conference. We all know that most conferences involve a lot of sitting, listening and observing. Physical Activity benefits not only our bodies, but also our minds! A Fitnessworx session at the start of the conference can energise and motivate participants. In the middle of the day it can revitalize and restore concentration and at the end of the day it can be a release or a reward! Fitnessworx programs are highly interactive, fun and energizing. Activities are not too difficult, enabling everyone to participate. Programs are flexible and can work within your schedule and time frame.

Kickstart your conference with an hour long cheerleading battle, or break up the day with a 2 hour team building activity – we will work with you to create the perfect addition to your next conference!

If there are any specific themes or areas of focus for your conference, be sure to let us know! Fitnessworx can design a program plan to incorporate these elements and further enhance the overall experience.

Graduate Induction Days / Team Building Days / “Stress Less” Days

From the feedback we’ve had so far, Fitnessworx days are remembered and talked about for months!

Fitnessworx programs are perfect for graduate inductions, team building days and “stress less” days. A Fitnessworx program is fun and energetic, it will help build morale, reduce anxiety, brake down barriers and aid in the development of team spirit, communication and camaraderie.

Programs usually run for 2 hours but shorter or longer sessions can be tailored to suit your needs. The session will commence with some games that have been tailored to reduce inhibitions and break down barriers. Participants will then get to learn some new skills and activities by rotating through 2 to 4 different activities ranging from circus to dance, cheerleading to bootcamp and more!

Christmas Parties / Family Days / Open Days

Let Fitnessworx entertain the kids (or kids at heart!), giving the adults a chance to enjoy themselves.

Christmas parties and corporate family days often provide an excellent opportunity to reward staff (and families) for all their hard work! It also allows families the opportunity to get together on a social level. Encouraging a healthy work-life balance has become increasingly important to workplaces in an attempt to motivate and retain staff and increase productivity.

The kids will get the opportunity to participate in a range of fun, all-inclusive Fitnessworx activities. Click here to see the Fitnessworx activities that can be featured on your special day! Prizes can be arranged for the children, and if you require us to arrange a venue and refreshments – we can do that as well!

Structured Physical Activity Sessions

Help make your workplace a healthy one!

Documented benefits for workplace health programs include less absenteeism and cardiovascular risk, fewer musculoskeletal injuries and health care claims and lower turnover of staff, increased productivity and organizational effectiveness, and a potential return on investment. Benefits for the workplace include a reduction in sick days, injuries and therefore less absenteeism and rehabilitation costs (World Health Organisation, 2003).

Fitnessworx can offer two styles of structured activity sessions to help your workplace enjoy some of the benefits that come with workplace health programs:

  • Health and Fitness assessments, plans and evaluations
    This is the more traditional format in which an initial fitness assessment is conducted, participants are provided with a tailored exercise plan as a result and a final, or ongoing, evaluation is conducted to monitor improvements. Traditional, structured fitness classes can also be incorporated into this workplace health program.
  • Physical Activity with a difference
    Not everyone enjoys physical activity in this traditional form – to many this just seems like a chore! Why not offer your staff an alternative way to get active whilst having fun at the same time! Fitnessworx can run fun activity sessions to get people moving whilst guaranteeing to have them laughing at the same time. We incorporate activities from all our “non-sport” specific specialist areas including circus, dance, bootcamp, tabloid sports and more! No one will get bored, everyone will get moving and your workplace will reap the benefits associated with encouraging a healthy and active workplace!

Either structured physical activity option can be conducted daily, weekly, monthly or as often as required to achieve your desired outcomes.

Workplace Seminars

Presentations about topics that matter to you

Our Fitnessworx team comes from a broad range of backgrounds, bringing experience spanning across many areas under the broad banner of “Healthy Living”. If there are any topics that you would like presented in a seminar style format – please let us know. Some of the topics we have covered prior include:

  • The importance of achieving work-life balance
  • Sun Safety
  • Being active without sport
  • Stretching in the workplace
  • Food that fuels performance
  • What it means being an “Elite Athlete”


Have you had Fitnessworx at your workplace yet?
Contact us to discuss your requirements today and increase the health and well being of your workforce! For more information or quotes on any of the above services, please contact us as pricing is dependent on a number of variables.

The Benefits of a Healthy Workplace with Fitnessworx

  • Revitalised and Refreshed employees
  • Increased staff productivity and performance
  • Increased motivation and morale
  • Improved team dynamics, communication and problem solving
  • Discover the diversity of skills within your workplace
  • Increase levels of participation, trust and encouragement
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Improved health and well being – less stress and anxiety, more energy and vitality
  • Improved staff satisfaction and retention
  • Decreased staff absenteeism and sick leave
  • Break down barriers and inhibitions
  • Potential increase in Return On Investment
  • Increased laughter and Fun! Fun! Fun!