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Fitnessworx for Child Services

Looking for a fun and unique way to get your kids moving? You’ve come to the right place!

Fitnessworx specialize in high energy, inclusive activities that are non-sport specific. Not all kids enjoy sport, but we all know the importance of encouraging kids to be active.

As well as working with hundreds of schools across Australia every week, Fitnessworx is engaged by a wide rage of Childrens’ Service Providers, such as:

  • OSHC – outside school hours care providers
  • OOSH – out of school hours providers
  • BASC – before and after school care providers
  • ASC – after school care providers
  • Vacation Care Providers
  • Holiday Program Providers
  • Kindergartens
  • Child Care Centres
  • Youth Organisations

Bootcamp Holiday Program

Whether you’re exploring options for some fun activities to run during a holiday program, a unique alternative to a group excursion, a team building activity, or an ongoing program to develop fundamental motor skills in a fun, safe and engaging environment, Fitnessworx have a range of unique options – from circus skills to team based adventure style races, dancing to bootcamp and so much more. Click here for a list of our Fitnessworx Activity Programs.

Fitnessworx have worked with a diverse range of professionals to develop a range of activities that offer unique alternatives to traditional team based sports. Rather than focusing on drills and skills and competition, Fitnessworx programs revolve around fun, high energy, inclusiveness and the development of transferable skills.


Fitnessworx for your Organisation

There are so many ways that Fitnessworx can work for your organisation; here are some of the most popular:

After School Care Programs

Fitnessworx can provide a solution to one of the greatest barriers associated with childhood inactivity. With many more parents needing to work, transportation and actually getting their children to community based sporting activities after school is often impossible for these parents.

By running a Fitnessworx program at your after school care venue – you can provide parents and children with a method for overcoming this obstacle, allowing them the opportunity to participate in a structured physical activity program whilst in care.

Fitnessworx Holiday Programs

Are you a site that is already running a holiday/vacation care program? Then why not get Fitnessworx to come along and run a fun filled holiday session.

“Roll up, Roll Up” for Circus OR “Shake your Groove Thing” with Funk ‘n’ Groovy,
“Bring It On” with Cheerleading OR “Drop and Give me 5” with Bootcamp.
There are so many Fitnessworx Holiday Program options – these are only some of them.

Choose from a one or two hour, half day or full day session. Fitnessworx will come to you with all the equipment required, allowing the kids to enjoy a well planned activity program, that is loads of fun, and good for them at the same time!

Fitnessworx Incursions

What’s an INCURSION? It’s like an excursion, but we come to you! We have so many great activity programs to choose from, all of which focus on being active and having fun. Do you have a special day coming up at your centre? Or a theme you would like to embellish with an extended learning activity session? If none of our current Fitnessworx Activity Programs suit – just let us know your desired outcomes, and we will be able to tailor an activity session to suit!

Ongoing Developmental Activity Programs

Discover some new ways to “get active” with Fitnessworx! Children can learn the fundamental skills required for every sport imaginable without having to play, or be coached in, one specific sport. Fitnessworx programs have been developed around the theory of inclusive education, and focus on fun!

Get the children at your centre moving, and develop their fundamental motor skills, by combining a range of our activity programs across the course of a term/year. Learn juggling and acrobatics with Fitnessworx Circus, rhythm and movement with Fitnessworx Funk ‘n’ Groovy or jumping, dodging and hopping with Fitnessworx Bootcamp. Click here to view our range of Fitnessworx Activity options.

Or focus on one Fitnessworx activity over the course of a term/year to develop the children’s skills in a specific discipline, culminating in a display or performance to the parents/carers at the end!

AASC Programs

Fitnessworx is a recognized organization with the Australian Sports Commission’s Active After-school Communities program. If you are already involved in the AASC program and you would like to know what Fitnessworx can offer, click here to read about our AASC programs.

Lastly, but very importantly – don’t forget the staff at your centre. Click here to read what we can offer your most valuable asset, your team of dedicated employees!