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Fitnessworx Activity Program Descriptions

With so many programs to choose from
you’re sure to find something everyone will enjoy!

Fitnessworx Bootcamp

Think Bootcamp is just for the adults? Wrong, it’s much more fun than that! This program will offer the kids a variety of fun and challenging “commando” style activities, where the aim is to ‘better’ themselves. Fitnessworx Bootcamp gives kids a chance to experience activities based around exercise stations, team building, circuit training, obstacle courses, martial arts, army drills, problem solving and large team games. Fitnessworx Bootcamp encourages high energy activities with a mix of techniques to motivate the kids to get a “kick” out of physical activity!

The Fitnessworx Amazing Race

The Fitnessworx Amazing Race is an experience unlike any other! In small teams, the kids will be put to the test using a series of challenges originating from countries across the globe – aimed at testing their physical, mental and creative ability. Deciphering puzzles, completing physical challenges, solving problems, discovering unique facts and working together may lead them to be crowned the Ultimate Fitnessworx Amazing Race Champions! The Fitnessworx Amazing Race provides a chance for all the kids to shine by offering a variety of tasks, aimed at letting each child’s individual talents stand out.  A brilliant program for promoting team work and effective communication.  Minimum of 90 minutes required. (Not available for AASC. This program is also offered at our Mitcham Studio during school holidays only, as a school holiday workshop).

Fitnessworx Circus

“Ladies and Gentleman – Roll Up, Roll Up to the Fitnessworx Circus Extravaganza”.  Fitnessworx Circus is one of the most popular Fitnessworx activity programs we offer, and was developed by some of Australia’s leading International Circus Stars.  The program covers a range of exciting circus elements including hand and body manipulation.  Activities include juggling, hoops, spinning plates, diablos, unicycle(!) as well as balancing and acrobatics. Hear the applause when the kids show off their new found Circus talents!

Fitnessworx Funk ‘n’ Groovy Dance

Fitnessworx Funk ‘n’ Groovy dance provides the kids an opportunity to have FUN with movement to music! The focus is on having a great time with dance, not about specific techniques. Hear us play the kids’ favourite songs during dance based games, routines and even a real “dance-off” battle!  Kids will get a chance to explore the amazing world of dance and it’s multitude of themes; latin, hip hop, funk, jazz (to name but a few!) as well as some cool street styles.

Fitnessworx Cheerleading

Cheerleading is just for girls? I don’t think so! Fitnessworx Cheerleading was developed by a REAL American Cheerleader and is so much more than just shaking our pom poms! Learn “proper” Cheerleading moves, try difficult stunts, tricky group balances, form human pyramids, practice and perform fantastic routines and get behind your team in a Cheerleading Battle! Try Fitnessworx Cheerleading and be ready to BRING IT ON!

Fitnessworx Body Beat

Beat & Rhythm is an extremely important component to any dance and movement style program – important in the development of coordination and the ability to use both the left & right sides of the brain.   And at Fitnessworx – we know just the thing to help with Beat & Rhythm – “BODY BEAT” derived from the the Tradtional African “Gumboot Dancing”!!!  No, we’re serious!!!  I promise!  At Fitnessworx, we even have our own Gumboot Dancing expert – Liska Schramm.

Liska (our South African import) has danced for 10 years and even representedSouth Africain “Gumboot Dancing” at an international dance festival inIndia.  Gumboot dancing is a traditional form of African dance that focuses on beat and rhythm.  Whilst a traditional style, the results this produces are ultra modern – the funky beats and sounds produced make this style of dance an extremely popular one for both the male and female students.  Using all different parts of your body, all different surfaces and different volumes the impact of a finished routine is nothing less than awesome…





You’ve got to see it, or hear it!!!   Great for team buidling and team work as the kids work together to develop their own “beat”.

Fitnessworx Dance & Movement

Our Fitnessworx Dance & Movement program combines elements of our Funk’n’Groovy, Cheerleading AND Body Beat activity programs.  It is a great way to get active and have fun to music!  This is not a traditional dance class – it’s not about isolations, corner work, exams and concerts.  It’s about getting fit and/or being active through movement to music.  The kids will definitely learn skills from a variety of dance styles as well as cheerleading and they will develop routines and mini performances, however this is not the dance class you choose if you have your sights on becoming a professional dancer.  It is a fun, engaging, all-inclusive and supportive class that is designed to cater to a variety of skill levels.  If you love music and love to move – this is a great class to choose for getting active!

*NEW* Fitnessworx Quidditch

The Fitnessworx Quidditch program brings the world of wizards to life! Kids begin by being introduced to the general principles of Quidditch, before getting their broom license! Kids then work individually, in small groups or, in larger teams to make their way through a series of obstacles, relays and challenges. When kids are ready to graduate from flying school, we begin our game of Quidditch (that can include the sneaky snitch too!). To harness creativity and keep our game safe, our Quidditch is played with pool noodles as broom sticks…we think it’s more fun and you’ve not experienced Fitnessworx Quidditch until you’ve seen 7 kids on one broom stick! Sure to leave everyone in stitches – but hopefully not tangled up in witches’ britches!

Fitnessworx Hurricane

Fitnessworx Hurricane is centered on the basic elements of Martial Arts. Using all non contact games and activities, the kids will experience the fundamentals of punching, kicking, ducking, weaving, spatial awareness and balance! Practice these techniques in a range of individual challenges, partner and group competitions, Thai Bo style activities and lots of fun Hurricane games that will have the kids wanting more!

Fitnessworx Mini Olympics (Tabloid Sports)

In the spirit of the current 2012 Olympic Games – it is the perfect time to set up our own little “mini games” park where the kids can rotate around the different stations and particpate in these olympic activities with a twist (just wait til you see our javelins!!!). The activities are lots of fun and the children will be laughing so hard sometimes they may even find it hard to “compete”. Watch as they suck up a cotton wool ball by a straw and carry it through the olympic course, or ride their “magic carpets” in a short 50m sprint to the finish line! With Fitnessworx Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards up for grabs, this is a great tabloid sports style program or party program. Now is the perfect time to try Fitnessworx Olympics!

Fitnessworx Frisbee

Fitnessworx Frisbee is a fantastic program that proves there is so much more you can do with a Frisbee than just throwing and catching! Not only is it great for the development of basic motor skills and hand-eye coordination but it is FUN! While the kids will learn and practise many different skills and techniques using the Frisbee, the real fun is in the games! Join in on activities like Frisbee Golf, Frisbee Rounders, Frisbee Tennis or ULTIMATE FRISBEE!

Fitnessworx Mix

This program is a mix of all the different programs we have on offer.  For example, the kids will do some activities from our Circus, Funk’n’Groovy, Balls balls balls, and Bootcamp programs to name a few.  It is a great program as it really does give them a taste of all our different activities and exposes them to the fact that there really are nummerous ways to “be active” other than traditional sport.  It also develops a broad range of motor skills too!  In this program we also have the flexibility to be slightly guided by the particular group of children we have and their interests and skill levels too.

Fitnessworx Balls, Balls, Balls

Not all kids like sports, especially ball sports, and often that’s because they’ve never had the opportunity to learn the necessary skills in a non-competitive, supportive environment.  The balls, balls, balls workshop will use a variety of balls from different sports and create fun, interactive activities that will allow the kids to explore and experience what it’s like to handle the ball.  This program caters for all levels of skill and ability, not just the beginners!

Fitnessworx FUN-Damentals

The building blocks to coordinated movement are fundamental motor skills and the best way for kids to learn these is by having FUN!  Breaking activities down into their basic form and then turning them into interactive, enjoyable events will have your  child engaged and challenged, all the while learning new, fun and useful skills.  Activities covered in this workshop include running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking, hitting, skipping, hopping – and many more.

Fitnessworx Skipping

Learn to perfect the skill of jumping rope with Fitnessworx Skipping! Start with the basics like skipping on your own or jumping into a moving rope, and work up to advanced techniques like the “egg beater” or “dominoes”. With a mix of tricky challenges like a full class skip or cool games like Limbo, Fitnessworx Skipping proves there is so much more you can do with a rope!

Fitnessworx Multiskill

Fitnessworx Multiskill is the perfect program for those who would like a “bit of everything”! Let our talented deliverers work with what best suits your kids. Be it a taste of all the Fitnessworx programs, a different theme each week, traditional “tabloid sports”, the children’s choice or a mix of everything, Multiskill provides the flexibility to ensure the kids are happy! You can’t go wrong with a Fitnessworx Multiskill program!

Fitnessworx Yoga & Movement

Fitnessworx Yoga is a fun and innovative program designed to improve strength and flexibility, and explore different ways in which the body can move.  Physical activity that also calms the mind, and improves self esteem.  Yoga is offered at school-age only.

Fitnessworx And A Minute To Win It

This is so much fun and a great team building activity!!  Watch the kids as they put a whole range of different skills to the test.  It’s fast, it’s active, it’s fun, it takes concentration, it takes skill and did I say it’s fun!!??  Blowing ping pong balls through a straw to score a goal OR throwing a coin into a tub of water to hit a SMALL target OR blowing over cups using only balloons and so many more frustrating yet exciting challenges!!!

Fitnessworx and a minute to win it can also incorporate some of the challenges from our Fitnessworx Amazing Race program, but due to its different format – it means we can run this session as a shorter activty – and i think the kids would just love this one!!

*NEW* Fitnessworx Super Hero Training

Ever wanted to fight crime, solve mysteries or even FLY?
Now you can! Fitnessworx Super Hero Training gives your little super hero (and all their super hero friends!) a chance to unlock their very own super powers! Super Hero’s in waiting must pass 4 separate area’s of training to graduate as a fully fledged Super Hero. 1. Commando where heroes will complete a challenging obstacle course to become the best heroes they can be, 2. Combat where heroes use mixed martial arts (not literally!) to fight off villains, 3. Search and Rescue where heroes get to put their skills to the test and finally 4. Flying – I mean, what’s the point of being a Super Hero if you can’t fly! Our trapeze comes in handy when teaching this very important skill!

*NEW* Fitnessworx Cell Phone Challenger Scavenger Hunt (FCPCSH)

EXCURSION@ Westerfolds Park, Melbourne

Conquering the FCPCSH and becoming the champion team will take team work, strategy, physical skills, mental ability, strategy, will power, patience, determination, (did we mention strategy?) and more!!!!

The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete as many of the challenges and ‘scavange’ to find as many of the items as possible from your FCPCSH list in order to accrue the LARGEST amount of points.

THE TRICKY BIT: This is where some strategy will come into play.  All the items in the “Hunt” are weighted differently, and will therefore have different point values.  You will NOT know prior to completing a task, just how much it is worth.

Teams that discuss, plan, work together, encourage and support will be the teams that succeed!

Fitnessworx Dynamic Learning Programs

An Extended Learning Gem. A great way to utilize physical activity to enhance learning across multiple disciplines. Why restrict physical activity to the PE syllabus!  Fitnessworx offer a range of in-school extended learning activities.  Watch your students have fun and continue to learn whilst being active!  Topics include: Healthy Lifestyles, Elite Athletes and Muscles and The Human Body.  Shoot us an email or give us a buzz and we can tell you more about the programs we have already run, or design one to meet your core unit of study and the desired student outcomes. (Not available within AASC program)

Fitnessworx Student Wellbeing & School Connectedness Programs

Fitnessworx design, develop and facilitate programs to meet your schools specific needs and desired student outcomes.  From Transition Days to Team Building Programs, Parent/Child Sessions to Celebration Days, Sleepovers, Induction Days, Student Reward Programs and more. We do find our programs are a brilliant way to get everyone engaged and have them working together as a team. Our activities illustrate the benefits of team work, the power of effective communication, motivation and support.  They break down barriers and demonstrate that everyone has something to contribute.  PLUS – they are also a LOT of FUN!!  They have proven to be a valuable inclusion in many school’s Wellbeing and Connectedness programs. (Not available within AASC program).

Fitnessworx Professional Development

Get us in for a staff professional development day and learn how you can teach our unique programs to your students.  You can achieve maximum levels of participation and engagement in physical activity through activities other than the standard traditional sports we all know. We are happy to share the secrets of our success!  Suitable for PE and classroom teachers!