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Fitnessworx studio OPEN NOW in Mitcham

May 3rd, 2013 | Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Fitnessworx studio OPEN NOW in Mitcham

“Fitnessworx: active fun for kids” Activity Studio in Mitcham – NOW OPEN!

Fitnessworx Pty Ltd is so excited to announce that their very FIRST kids activity studio is now OPEN in Mitcham, Vic.

'Fitnessworx: active fun for kids' studio now open

“Fitnessworx P/L” was established in 2004 to address what was then quite an unmet need – to provide children that don’t like (or some that even fear) “traditional sports” with alternative ways to be active.  Fitnessworx activities range from Circus to Body Beat, Bootcamp to The Fitnessworx Amazing Race & much more – all activities promote being active AND having FUN!  Fitnessworx sessions are run in an engaging and inclusive way and allow every child the opportunity to achieve “success”.  The focus is not on competition or mastering technique.

Fitnessworx think it is extremely important to acknowledge that “not all kids love “sport”, but that ALL kids NEED to be active” (Simone Minett, Director, Fitnessworx P/L).

Since 2004 Fitnessworx has provided a business to business service, working predominantly with preschools, primary schools and secondary schools.  The business grew very quickly (sometimes working with over 150 schools a week) and spread from VIC into NSW, QLD and SA .

Over the years Fitnessworx gained a lot of praise from parents with comments such as “my child never does sport – but look at them, they are loving this!” and many questions about where they could send their children so that they could carry on with these Fitnessworx activities once Fitnessworx left their school.

So … Fitnessworx are now very pleased to announce the launch of their very FIRST “Fitnessworx: active fun for kids” Activity Studio! It provides kids with the opportunity to partake in Fitnessworx unique non-sport specific activity programs ongoing as term-based classes or during school holidays in their holiday workshops.

This is the place to send your children if they are keen to get moving, be active and have some fun – but don’t want the pressure of competition or exams!  With the range of activities on offer – there really is something for everyone!

The “Fitnessworx: active fun for kids” studio is also a great place to hold your next party!! So be sure to get in quick – we are taking partyworx by fitnessworxbookings NOW.

For enquiries regarding term 2 classes, school holiday programs or to book a partyworx by fitnessworx date – please contact us…

t – 1300 668 338

e –

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