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Energise your next Party!

Wherever you decide to hold your party, whether it be at home, in a park or in a hall, Fitnessworx Mobile Kids Parties (Melbourne) will be there! Our party programs are absolutely perfect for 3-13 year old boys and girls – and there are so many great party themes to choose from – there’s something for everyone!

Our Partyworx hosts have loads of experience and a large repertoire of FUN activities. If none of the below themes catch your attention – just talk to us about your child’s likes and interests and we will tailor a party plan especially for them!

We come to you and service all metro areas.

Mobile Party Themes...

Mobile Party Pricing

Fitnessworx Mobile Kids Parties service all metro Melbourne.  Fitnessworx parties are unique, active and highly engaging – with loads of party themes to choose from or the ability to tailor the party to suit your child’s interests.  Fitnessworx mobile kids parties (Melbourne) are great value!

Every package includes…



If you don’t live in Melbourne’s east, near our Mitcham party studio, just get us to come to you! (Metro Melb)

Birthday Gift

We have a small gift for the birthday person to wish them ‘Happy Birthday’ on their special day!


We have an ‘allstar’ or ‘superhero graduation’ certificate for every kid, because they’re all awesome!

Serious Fun

Games and challenges that engage from start to finish leaving kids laughing and exhausted!



Our Fitnessworx party facilitators are awesome…  Qualified, enthusiastic, interested and heaps of fun!

Active Theme

Our parties are themed and our aim is to engage 100% of the attendees in 100% of the activities.

Optional Add-ons


What kids don’t like a “goodie bag”!?  Let us take care of this for you! Lollies, glitter pen, felt stickers, balloon – $4.50 a bag

Give Aways

Every child gets a gift to take home – $4.50ea Examples: soft cricket balls, headscarves, wristbands, coin purses etc


Frequently Asked Questions

Kids active mobile party ideas
Is there a maximum number of kids we can invite?

No, there isn’t a maximum for mobile parties – but we do like to get an indication of likely numbers as early as possible, so that we can plan appropriately.

I have an 18 month old. Is there an age restriction?
We run our parties for kids ages 3 and above. Children under 3 must have a parent/guardian with them at all times. If they are participating in the activities, then they will be charged as part of the party.
How much space do we need?

Our parties are active, so the bigger the better – although we can work in a decent sized backyard, A big backyard, tennis court, community hall, oval, park etc are all great places to hold your Fitnessworx Kids MOBILE party (Melbourne)! You are responsible for providing sufficient space to run activities, a lounge room with the furniture pushed back doesn’t cut it (sorry!). 

Is a park playground a good space for your mobile party?

Please do not plan a birthday party near other distractions.  Our staff are great, but kids do have a certain concentration span and bright/shiny distractions will always cause issues, no matter who takes the session.  This can include trampolines, sprinklers, animals over a fence etc.

What if it rains?

We do not take responsibility for weather conditions, nor can we provide an alternate solution unless you’d like to check availability at our Mitcham studio for a time slot – you will need to plan an alternative for this if inclement weather is likely.  Local halls and schools are good options should you anticipate poor weather. Unfortunately we cannot refund the $50 deposit should you choose to cancel due to weather conditions.

Do you bring the trapeze?

No we are unable to bring a lot of the specialist equipment for many reasons, ranging from logistics to risk management. But we do bring along what we can and our staff are amazing at what they do – our key focus for mobile parties is engagement and ensuring every child has a ball! If you are really keen on the use of specialist equipment, it is best to book a studio party.

I saw Captain America on your website! Do your staff dress up as Superheroes?

Captain America was actually the dad of the birthday boy! Our staff are next to him- we must remain identifiable in our Fitnessworx Uniform, however may “add” to the look in a cape, mask, pirate bandana, fairy tutu etc. to suit the theme.

Are the kids allowed to dress up?

Absolutely!  In fact, we encourage it!

Will my mobile Superhero party be the same as one we came to?

No 2 parties are ever exactly the same- our amazing staff adapt the party theme to suit the age, abilities and interests of the kids. We are very proud of how unique our Fitnessworx Mobile Kids Parties (Melbourne) are.

When should we serve the party food?

In planning your special day – we recommend serving the party food AFTER our 1.5hr fully facilitated activity (for obvious reasons – we don’t want anyone being sick). It’s a great idea to have drinks available during our Fitnessworx session (our staff member is likely to send them for drink breaks ) – but it is definitely best to hold off on all the food until afterwards. This way they have worked up an appetite too!

Do you still bring give-aways?

At both our mobile and studio parties we provide a present for the party person as well as certificates for all participants (included in the party cost). You are also able to upgrade and include optional give-aways and/or lolly bags for all participants too! 


“Zac ran Sebastien’s 6th bday party yesterday for us – a bootcamp style party in our local park on Sunday morning. He was fantastic…  With 26 six year olds in the park, Zac inspired and engaged the kids so much that the poor weather wasn’t even relevant.  He has a fantastic combination of an engaging personality with young children, fun and joy with the kids, but also being able to manage them and hold boundaries/control very well.

Zac had the kids running, laughing, and actively engaged the entire party.  They were all thrillled – as were their parents!  I was stopped at school drop-off this morning to say how fantastic the party was, and how all kids really enjoyed it. 

My husband and I were both thrilled with the party outcome, and more importantly – so was Sebbie!  He loved the party, loved being active, loved having all of his preppie mates with him – and he connected really well with Zac and had a hell of a lot of fun! We would definitely use your mobile parties again after this experience” – Jo


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