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The Fitnessworx Difference

How is Fitnessworx different? We believe that “sport” is one way to be fit and active! But we KNOW that not every child enjoys “sport”! Fitnessworx provides kids with other options!

Fitnessworx understand that traditionally inactive kids will get involved and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, enjoy physical activity when it is centered around FUN and delivered in a safe and encouraging environment.

Fitnessworx did not start off as a provider of sporting clinics and tack on some non-sport specific options as they became popular. Providing children with alternatives to sport was Fitnessworx whole reason for being! And as such, Fitnessworx are specialists in this area.

Program Development

All Fitnessworx activity programs have been developed and designed by a cross section of industry experts from areas including children’s education (teachers), children’s health and fitness, cooperative play and game sense, human movement and exercise science as well as professionals from the disciplines of dance (classical to hip hop), circus, cheerleading, boxing/martial arts, fitness, ultimate frisbee, sports acrobatics and performance.

Fitnessworx physical education and health programs are based on the theory of inclusive education and are designed to improve and/or teach: Concentration/Learning Ability, Cardiovascular Fitness, Hand Eye Co-ordination, Fundamental Motor Skills, Confidence/Self-esteem, Team Building and Social Skills, Increased Energy, Personal Development and Health, and centre around the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Program Evaluation

Fitnessworx programs are reviewed annually based on a formal feedback procedure involving our extensive staff base, the schools visited and the children that participate in them.

Fitnessworx always encourage feedback, as without it there is no opportunity to improve, so please feel free to contact us at anytime should you have any comments or queries. In addition, if there are activities or services not currently offered by Fitnessworx that you feel would embellish our current service portfolio, please let us know. We are always on the look out for new ideas!

Professional Support

Fitnessworx understand the importance of creating and maintaining a team of high quality “children’s activity facilitators”. Playing games and being active with kids can sometimes sound easier than the reality. Fitnessworx provide their team with:

  • training in the delivery methods of all Fitnessworx activity programs
  • program manuals with session plans for each week
  • on the job training and development via “Roaming Supervisors”
  • contingency plans – roaming supervisors able to step in if staff are unavailable
  • professional development opportunities