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The Fitnessworx Story – Making Fitness Fun

Fitnessworx is all about BEING ACTIVE and HAVING FUN. Fitnessworx offer an alternative to sport-specific activity. SPORT is not for everyone – but physical activity needs to be a regular part of a child’s daily routine, to provide the foundation for a long, healthy life.

Helping children adopt a healthy lifestyle early will have a tremendous impact on their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

Director, Simone Minett, developed Fitnessworx in 2004 to address an existing market gap – a fun alternative to sport-specific activity for school-aged children.

Physical Activity that’s NOT sport? Huh?

Children can learn the fundamental skills required for every sport imaginable without having to play, or be coached in, one specific sport.

There are a lot of young children that shy away from sport, often “accidentally” leaving their sports gear at home. This is not so much due to a fear of being active but rather a fear of competition and the competitive nature of team sports. Often this is because they never developed the basic skills such as hand-eye coordination when they were younger and don’t want to stand out, be laughed at or let the team down – resulting in negative experiences with physical activity.

Fitnessworx programs are successful because they cater to children of varying levels of fitness and skill. Fitnessworx have removed the competitiveness often associated with team sport, and the structure and repetition of a traditional sports clinic, to create programs that centre around enjoyment and inclusiveness, providing everyone with the opportunity to achieve success in a safe and supportive environment.