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Partyworx for You!

February 24th, 2017 | Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Partyworx for You!
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Roll up, Roll up – come and enjoy this afternoon’s performance by Thalia and her Fabulous Friends. You will see juggling, acrobatics, cheerleading and more…

The voice boomed, encouraging all to come and see. You could well have been beneath a Silvers Circus Big Top, if it weren’t for the fact you were here to collect your 8 year old from Thalia’s birthday party at her home in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

The music starts up as the first act comes bouncing into the centre of the ring! With colored hair, costumes and BIG Smiles upon their faces they try to hide the concentration whilst remembering the juggling routine they’d put together earlier that day. Balls, ribbons and scarves go flying in all directions but everyone is clapping along and the kids are torn between laughing out loud and trying to show their true ‘performance face’ during their 5 minutes in the spotlight.

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